ProjectMira for PS4 FW 5.0.x is Here!!

We had reported just about a week ago that tools to develop homebrew and a CFW to run that homebrew were being worked on. They were going to be released in some undetermined amount of time, but word on the street was that it would be soon. That soon migrated to be May 20th and today is that day!

Here is the tweet heard round the world just moments ago:

Now there is a major warning alongside this momentous announcement. The first part should be the ultra-obvious warning being that if you don’t know how to use this, maybe wait for a full tutorial to be posted. The second half of that is that even if you know what to do with it, it is very beta. There is always a chance of bricking, however, I have heard of zero issues with that thus far. Just be careful as you don’t want to be the first one to brick their PS4. And lastly, this is mainly for developers. What we mean by that is that you can use it, but as an end user you can’t do much. Once developers start making homebrew games, apps, emulators, etc., this may be pointless for you.

“Thank you to everyone, this is the initial release of Mira for all future developments to continue off of. This was the surprise coming today May 20, 2018, and thank you for all of the contributions! This should be considered a test release for developers only.”

We will be posting every update after this 1.0.0 version to keep you up to date. Additionally, any homebrew that pops up for it, you’ll know that you’ll be able to find here!

Here is the link to the GitHub page to find the proper ProjectMira files and here for there guide on GitHub.

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