Nintendo Switch CFW Atmosphere to be released this summer for all current Firmware

Today Developer SciresM announced that the currently WIP Switch CFW Atmosphere will be released around summer together with the Coldboot Exploit Fusée Gelée for all current Switches (Not assuming the new revision since that’s not released yet) running every currently released Firmware (Which means even if someone accidentally updated your Switch you’re not out of luck yet but better secure your Switch of more accidental updates). For people rocking Switch Firmware 1.0.0, they will be even luckier since they will most likely be able to use the CFW ahead of everyone else with the Trustzone Exploit Jamais Vu.

SciresM recommends staying on 4.1.0 and below if you can since the Installation procedure for CFW will probably be a lot less convenient on Firmwares above 4.1.0. If you currently use 3.0.0 and below it is also not recommended to update past 3.0.0 since he mentions having access to smhax is an enormous convenience.

I personally can’t wait for the CFW since my Switch is currently just a dust collector in my shelf since I played through Splatoon 2’s Story and just replaying every Level of it with every Weapon gets quite boring over time and Pokemon Tekken isn’t really a great game in my eyes. The only other Game I own is Zelda BOTW but as you could read I sadly got a cartridge that needs Firmware 3.0.1 so that’s a no-go for me. Also, many great other games require 3.0.1+ so I’m quite limited in using my Switch. Well, at least we have Zelda BOTW for Cemu and can convert the Save to the Switch version later so that we don’t have to replay the whole Game 😉

The Header picture is a WIP Atmosphere Logo by Scotline and isn’t confirmed to be the official Logo yet. If you’d like to see more of these and get more and faster information about the Switch I’d advise joining the Reswitched Discord 🙂

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  1. One can convert WIIU BOTW save to switch version? how?