E3 2018 – What To Expect and What We currently know

It is the end of March and if you have been following the news, you know E3 season is upon us. This is a trend that occurs every year, and this year for E3 2018 there is a good amount of anticipation and excitement. This is also around the time where the E3 leaks start to pile up. Based on the leaks and confirmed news, below is a small list of what we should expect on this.

Nintendo will kick off the E3 week with it’s Super Smash Bros. invitation  & Splatoon 2 World Championships.


Nintendo is no stranger to kicking off E3 in style. They did something similar last year with the Nintendo World Championships. What is notable here though is this will be the first time we will see the new Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch in action. Nintendo will invite the best from all over the world to participate in this tournament. If past Smash Bros events are considered as previews, then this invitational will be one for the books.

For Splatoon 2, Nintendo will begin holding open qualifiers for individuals to earn a spot to compete in. The details of it will come at a later date. For currently released information, future information, and to register for the opening for the opportunity to compete, go to this link and get everything set. I will attempt to make it with some of my other inklings, so I will see you on the battlefield in these qualifiers!


For Microsoft and the Xbox brand, it is shaping to be their biggest year yet. This year, in collaboration with the Entertainment Software Association (The organization behind E3 in all aspects), Microsoft has effectively taken over the Microsoft Theater for the entirety of E3 2018.  For those who may not know, Microsoft Theater is located in the middle of two vital land structures. On one side, you have the Los Angeles Convention center, where E3 2018 is taking place. On the other side, you have L.A. Live, which has played an important part for E3 for years.  a perfectly situated space located in the heart of L.A. Live and across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).

For those who walk between both venues, Microsoft has placed themselves in the perfect position for all in attendance to come in contact with. This also will not impact Microsoft’s impact at the convention center itself as they will maintain a position there as well. They will be mainly utilizing their Mixer streaming platform with a new booth there, as well as an area where people can watch Microsoft related E3 events, and participate in events.   E3 2018 kicks off June 10th for Microsoft as that is the day of their Xbox E3 2018 Briefing.


As for Sony and the Playstation brand,  not much is known yet for their plans. They have done well to keep any of their plans in the dark. We can only speculate what will be there besides anticipated games.  Time will tell and as we find out, we will report it to you, our readers.


Finally, in terms of events, Bethesda has also announced their press conference date. The BE3 showcase will be on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 PM PT/9: 30 PM ET. Similar to last year, Non-industry and media gamers will once again have the opportunity to register for the event.

Below are the floor plans for the event at the convention center. As always consider this the first draft of things as this will go through constant revisions and additions before the event.

Based on that initial entry alone, there is a ton of spaces and reveals yet to come. We can only speculate on this. What are your thoughts? Tweet at me @mgs2master2 and/or leave me a comment below so we can converse about it.

As more E3 plans continue to roll out, expect Hackinformer to be ready to let you know what may be coming.


Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!




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