Public PS4 Webkit exploit that still worked on FW5.50 is now 100% reliable

PS4 FW5.50 just got released this week and a few weeks before its official release we got a new Public Webkit exploit that worked on FW5.xx and even the beta FW of 5.50, but it wasn’t the easier to get working every time like FW5.01 or 5.05. With the official release of FW5.50, it blocked quite a few things from working like the game Save editor, Save Wizard, and one of the kexploit that the scene dev’s had was fixed but the recent WebKit exploit that was released still worked.

The Webkit exploit does works on FW5.50 even though it doesn’t always trigger and could take quite a few extra tries and I mean a lot of extra tries, so it’s not the most reliable exploit. Now, Developer qwertyoruiop has rewritten the public Webkit exploit so it should be a 100% reliable on FW5.50.

This doesn’t mean update your PS4 if you are on lower FW as we said before this new FW blocked a few things, like one of their kexploit, which is needed to be anything like the exploits on FW4.05 or 4.55. This is still good news as it helps the whole community, if they’d like to start looking into FW5.50 and maybe find something others didn’t see but for now, the best FW’s to be on now are 4.05, 4.55, 5.01, or 5.05.

If you like to mess around with the Public webkit you can find the rewritten one here and as we’ve said many of time just be patient and stay on lower FW like 5.05 or below if you like to run homebrew one day. I know people that stayed on FW4.07 for months before the new FW4.55 exploit was released and I know they were happy they waited patiently once the release happen.


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