PS4 FW4.55 Full Exploit Released!!

Over the weekend I wrote about not updating your PS4 system if you were on lower FW like FW4.05, 4.07, 4.55, etc… Like I said once PS4 FW5.50 would get released we would start seeing things for other FW’s pop up and one came a little early from developer 

PS4 FW4.55 Exploit

Now, this exploit is still in its raw text form and needs a little work before it’s anything like PS4 playground for FW4.05. It’s said that this will work on FW4.06/4.07 very easy and doesn’t need much work to get things started but for FW4.55 other things are needed, like another entry point. 

For people on FW4.06/4.07 stay right there and don’t update as you should be able to use the file put out if you have a little know how. Now for the rest of us, we’ll just wait a little bit for one of the dev’s to incorporate into the PS4 playground like PS4 4.05 Playground. In time, it will probably get updated for FW4.55 but that’s me just guessing as you can run all of this stuff already on your own homemade server. 

If you are on FW4.05 do not update your system as it seems to be the FW you want to use right now, until other things get worked on. Same goes for FW5.50 don’t update to it and stay on 5.05 and wait patiently as you can see good things come to those who wait and I’m pretty sure we could see something for that FW in the near future.


For people on 4.06/4.07FW you can update to 4.55FW as everything is fully implemented for that FW. You can get the PS4 FW4.55 file from here.

Once the smoke settles down from all these new releases and everything is updated to work on FW4.55 as of now things are getting updated but it best to wait if you already did a bunch of work to your FW4.05 PS4. I would hate to update and only a few things work at the moment but give it a little bit and I’m sure everything will be just good as it was for FW4.05 and it will be ok to update with all your stuff still working. Since we just got full debug setting and enable web browser payloads just like FW4.05 has. Here’s even a web page already with everything needed to load the payload if you don’t want to host them here.

To test it out on your PS4 use the link below.

Fixed mirror bug: 

Download: ps4_455_holygrail .bin

Download:  enableWebBrowser455 .bin

Download: fullDebugSettings455 .bin

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