Block PS4 updates with HEN Update Blocker V2

For those of use that have a PS4 on FW4.05 the one thing we all worry about is updates or more like someone else updating it. This is a very common problem, where other people or family members may update system to play a game or go online and don’t realize what they just did to your system. ūüôĀBlock PS4 updates

So the help with this issue LightningMods with other has put up a simple payload to use on the PS4 with FW4.05 to block updates. So you don’t have to worry about somebody accidentally updating your system.

Now you could go into the router and block Sony’s IP/block the update address like we used to on the PS Vita but if you’re not familiar with your router settings or getting IP addresses then this is the next best thing to use.

This Payload contains Debug settings, Update Blocker, and HEN in 1!

—— V2 Change Log——–

  • Added so Now the Update cant even download you will get “cannot download” instantly
  • Now the “PS4 HEN and Blocker V2 are Active” will only come up once the exploit has been successful
  • It will now look for the new Directory before creating it
  • Took away creating PS4UPADTE.PUP as its no longer needed (JS Version ONLY)
  • Converted V2 to JS for your website
  • added Defined Version


only 14kb now

—–More Info—–

The update blocker creates a folder in /update and unlinks the folder¬†DO NOT REMOVE IT¬†You WILL still get the notification of an update let the update download to %100 then you will be greeted with a “Cannot download” message and you cannot install it either so now you cannot update it accidentally…

You can use my website to inject it without injecting it via PC

MADE by Me (LightningMods) AND CelesteBlue¬†If you haven’t seen the tweet he’s the one that made the Update Blocker code!

—–Special Thanks to—–



and whoever I’m missing


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