Small delay in the SD2Vita Plus

The release of the SD2Vita Plus is a right around the corner and I know everyone is very excited to get theirs. We would just like to say thank you to everyone supporting us to make this a reality. There’s been a lot of trials and tribulations and a lot of stress that went into making this product. Making something is not an easy task even if you have the money to make it. As we were going through the process of getting this made we ran into a lot of hiccups or small little problems that compounded, but that’s how it works when you are trying to make a product. Just look at video games every time they give a release date or they try to push a game too fast they always end up having problems or bad quality product. When you need to download some type of fix or patch so it will work properly, now when it comes to physical products there is no way to patch or send out a quick fix.

Now back to the SD2Vita Plus, everything is going well now but we need to delay the release by 10 days as I want to quadruple check these adapters and make sure every single one of them works before they go out.

I know some of you may be upset with this decision but I would rather have a quality working product that everybody is happy with, than something that is rushed. So in my opinion, it’s better to quadruple check everything and do some good quality testing before they go out. As I would rather have a satisfied customer then an upset one even if its just a little late.

Now if you’re upset about this delay and would like to get a refund on your Amazon order you’re more than welcome to because I understand you may feel upset that we did not make our promise with the release date. I’d rather have satisfied customers with a quality product that is working then having upset customers because all we had to do was do was quadruple check them before they go out for shipping. However, if this is PayPal, you’re in this for the long haul and we’re processing those orders right now.

Once again I would like to apologize for not meeting our release date but once again I’m very meticulous about quilty and customer satisfaction about things we sell and want to make sure you’re getting the best quality and best product you can. Thank you for understanding and sticking with us and making this a possibility, just give us 10 more days for testing and everything will be ready to be shipped.

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  1. I’m good with a slight delay. I collect figures and there are sometimes were months of delay happen. Thank you for letting us know though!

  2. QC is Key, I can Wait. Thanks for the heads up

  3. ” a guaranteed launch date of November 6th, 2017 ” You probably shouldn’t have guaranteed a date, I think because you stated that so bluntly, people will be a lot more aggravated than had you just given a window. And you should probably update the pre-order page, because it still states that. I’m also a bit concerned about what I’m seeing in that image above because it looks significantly lower quality than expected.

  4. Somehow it doesn’t look like what I expect in the pictures. Where’s the nice gray adapter?

    • same here. but if its quality i dont care even if its pink ;p

      • Grey adapter didn’t make it in the final stages due to the fact that grey plastic sucks. This is 1000% a quality decision for plastic hardness, durability, and reliability — clear holds up better.

  5. Am I seeing it right?

    So the “case” is transparent or it will be grey lik on this article:

  6. It seems like its transparent…… not sure.

  7. the launch banner is what I actually thought what we was gonna get.

    but at the same time like
    nebu_187 stated

    quality matters

    but half of what tryrush deppy stated.

    is a great point.

    details on how the product is gonna look and act should be what was advertised.
    but quality.

    • That is what you’re getting — The design of the plastic shell is exact to that illustration as a matter of fact. Because of the plastics manufacturing process, clear plastics — for this purpose — hold up better than the darker plastics in many, many different ways, especially when the plastics are in the curing process. So if you’d rather have a crappier product, by all means, we can send you one that A) doesn’t work and B) doesn’t hold up to the standards that we’d personally set for a video game item…

  8. This is not bait and switch. If it were something sold of greater quality that was actually of lesser quality with the intention to sell something inferior, that would be bait and switch. The illustrations were prototype designs. The last photo in the post above is the finished product. Cosmetically speaking, we’re actually very happy with the finished design and are proud to say that it’s A) 100% ours, and B) totally original to HackInformer.

  9. its sitting inside the vita… now you see it… click… now u don’t 😀