PSVita: Updated Adrenaline coming soon that does not require activation & more!

Just last week Sony decide to make Firmware 3.60 unable to activate, no matter what you may try. Even the old PS3 trick is unable to activate your PSVita on this firmware. So a lot of people that are on this firmware that may not have activated their device or have not saved their file will not be able to use epsp games.

That means we won’t be able to use adrenaline the epsp custom firmware. To solve this problem The Flow is planning on releasing a new version of adrenaline that does not require a license file and can be installed via vpk file.

I know you can use the epsp bubble cloner to bypass the license for epsp bubbles but this update to adrenaline is still a big deal if you ask me, because it will be a VPK file no more installing it the old way and you won’t have to use our easy adrenaline installer anymore just to install it. In my book these two things are a big plus as anybody that’s new to the scene will be able to install it and enjoy it right from the start without having to deal with any kind of installing or activation issues.

So be on the lookout for this new update coming soon…

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  1. But i found 3.61 and 3.63 psv can still be activated by ps3 method. Maybe sony only blocked 3.60.

  2. Hi hackinformer ( lol, dont know your name).
    First, congrats and thank you to theflow and everyone involved in adrenaline dev.
    Now, if i have a psvita on 3.18 with TVN and TNX running fine will i be able to upgrade to 3.60 and activate if i do the activate back up thing?
    Or better off just wait for the new adrenaline release in september?

    • I think ANYONE trying to activate on anything less than 3.65 is getting activation banned. I wouldn’t try it without first backing up the activation files everyone has been posting about.

  3. Good question i wonder if theres a updated tutorial in the works on how to install the current firmwares running on low firmwares and all the other good stuff.

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