Vita: Another Concept for a Hardware USB & Storage mod

Today I bring you a tale of something we have all longed for a better/cheaper memory card access for the PS Vita! This PS Vita hard mod not only has internal storage but also a USB port!! (but is not for the faint of heart)

So what I’m about to discuss and show you is more of a proof-of-concept than anything but it is my hope that I can show off the amazing work of @ZexceilXario  (Zexceil Xaros on youtube) and @francescocy and maybe spark a bit of creative interest in you the reader.

To give you a rundown of what this hack actually is, it is a hardware hack that is utilizing special code ran with a plug-in for HENkaku.
There is not very much documentation on how this process could be easily replicated and the video explanations by Zexceil Xaros that do go into more detail on how they were able to do this mod.

To do this was no easy task to start with how do you wire it up?

This pin out is the starting point and the beginning of seeing if it would connect and fit. Starting with the wiring and with the handy pic below he was ready to start plugging in….Well sort of.


The task of fitting the wires and the USB in needed room, so some parts had to be removed such as the 3g Slot, it’s antenna.

Switches were needed to avoid overloading the Vita and to avoid corruption of the card.


There also has to be some cutting of the housing to make the USB port fit and was done simply with a heated xacto knife to get a nice clean cut.


Here is what Zexceil Xaros had to say on his Youtube channel,

My USB mod that allows USB storage devices to be used with the PSV and also allows for direct data transfer in case you make the storage built in, also has the USB port from my previous version of this.


The method I’m using to transfer data from my computer to the storage is temporary soon I’m changing it to a switchless Mini USB port.

Below is a video that Zexceil Xaros was awesome enough to do for us…

You can fallow @ZexceilXario and @francescocy on Twitter to keep up with there progress with this awesome mod.

Thanks for reading and please keep doing it for the love of the game.

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