VitaQuakeII v1.0 by Rinnegatamante released, Quake 2 port for the PSVita

After his Quake1 Port to Vita Rinnegatamante is back at it again and ported Quake2 to our beloved Vita (Where is Quake3 ;P). This Port already features everything you would need to play Quake 2. It features DualShock rumbling when players get hit and an internal render rescaler. It also supports the double Analog Sticks of the Vita and PS3 or PS4 Controller for comfortable gameplay, online and locale multiplayer with featured servers, soundtrack support, sound support and a lot more stuff.

Here’s a full list of features of this Port:
– Native 960×544 resolution!
– Internal render rescaler
– Sound and Soundtrack support
– Support for shareware and full versions of Quake
– Native support to both PSVITA analogs
– Unique features like DualShock rumbling, fps counter, …
– Variable camera sensibility for right analog in option menu
– Multiplayer with support for both locale and online games with featured online servers

Rinnegatamante also published a complete overview of the Controls:
– Left Analog = Move player
– DPad UP = Use item
– DPad Left/Right = Select item
– DPAD Down = Drop item
– Right Analog = Move camera
– X = Jump
– O = Crouch
– R Trigger / Square = Shoot
– Triangle = Change Weapon
– L Trigger = Run
– Select = Show Mission (Singleplayer) / Scores (Multiplayer)

To install this just download the latest .vpk from here or directly download with Arkanite’s Vita Homebrew Browser. If you manually download and install it make sure to also download and extract the data folder and copy it to ux0:data/.

In case you want to play online, these are the preinstalled servers you can choose from:
– DeVelox (Deatmatch 8 players FRANCE)
– (Deatmatch 8 players POLAND)
– ISP WEBA (Deatmatch 16 players RUSSIA)
– (Deatmatch 16 players USA)
– (Deatmatch 16 players USA)
– (Co-op 14 players AUSTRALIA)

All credits for this port go to Rinnegatamante, MasterFeizz for Quake2Ctr which this is based on, xerpi for vita2dlib and gnmmarechal and bhunterzor for testing the Port.

Source: Rinnegatamante

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