Small Adrenaline Update to 5.1 and New PSPInstaller Adrenaline Edition!

Some big news on the PSP/PS Vita front today. We have a couple of different tweets from different devs that I found interesting so I decided to hit you with a double whammy and report on both of them simultaneously. Let’s dig in!


The first tweet that caught my eye was from TheFloW (as usual). He claims to be releasing a minor update, pushing his Adrenaline to a 5.1 release.

Of course, compared to his normal releases it is a smaller one, it still definitely packs a punch. Here is the break down of the update via TheFloW’s changelog. You’ll see that between squishing bugs and adding features, this update is definitely worth while. Or if you’re new to the whole scene, a very good starting point!

  • ‘Added ability to skip adrenaline boot logo.
  • Added message for original filter.
  • Fixed bug where payloadex was not updated and caused some bugs.
  • Fixed ‘20000006’ bug on PS TV. Network update will work on PS TV in the future.
  • Changed CPU clock back to 333 MHz.’

The next tweet that entered my feed was from a well known dev from the PSP days (spike_132000), who is back with a big announcement. His tweet reads:

Following his link to his website he explains what this new(er) release is all about:

“PSPInstaller [Adrenaline Edition] is an application for the Playstation Portable games console that allows you to easily install homebrew, themes and more without the need of connecting your PSP to the computer. I have brought this project back after a decent amount of demand…” “This final version of PSPInstaller is now guaranteed to be online for at least 2 years and more closely resembles PSPInstaller 6.”

So as you see he is back and definitely realizes there may be some bugs, you can visit his site to find his email address to let him know if you find any bugs of course. He takes note in terms of installation as well as compatibility since it’s a product originally designed for PSP, but called PSPInstaller: Adrenaline Edition.

‘I will continue to support this for as long as there is interest. I’m thankful that people still use it. Works on Phats, Slims, Brite’s and Go’s as well as [PS Vita] under Adrenaline. Just drop it into your PSP/GAME folder and away you go!’

If you want to pick up Adrenaline v5.1, follow the link here to go to TheFloW’s github page and download it.

If you’re interested in PSPInstaller: Adrenaline Edition, head on over to spike_132000‘s website by clicking here.

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