Assemblergames is back from its ashes and stronger than ever

As some might know ASSEMblergames has gone down because of a hack in late February. After a lot of time waiting and new problems with the revival the time has finally come, ASSEMblergames is back under the living.

If you don’t know what ASSEMblergames is then here’s a summary by the owner himself:

“Who are we? is a site that been around since 1995. Our goal has been the documentation and preservation of obscure video game history and a community free of ego and barriers. With strict rules to prevent elitism and discrimination, we have grown a balanced and positive community. ”

“The goal: The free sharing of information, encouragement and group contributions to video game modifications that improve the usability of old hardware, and seeking out lost games and hardware and documenting / releasing them.”

It’s really great seeing that ASSEMblergames is back since it’s a great information source for people who find old prototypes, search for long lost SDKs, Firmwares, Documentation or other really useful things. With that said I’ll have to say though that even though ASSEMblergames is back now you SHOULD change the password that you had on ASSEMblergames and also change it on other sites if you had the same password there. It is not certain if any User Data was breached with the hack but this was recommended by the Owner himself

With that said, if you have anything you can help preserve, share your knowledge or just have some fun with the community just go to ASSEMblergames, login or register and start contributing 🙂

Source: ASSEMblergames (Twitter)

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