Retroarch – Citra Core and other new cores coming up and something exciting to be announced

Yesterday the libretro Twitter account twittered that thanks to a person called jselby a Citra (3DS Emulator) core has been made so that soon with the next release you can play 3DS Games with Retroarch (If your PC is strong enough that is).

According to libretro, jselby managed to run the Citra core fine on a PC featuring an i5-6600k and a GTX 1070. Since the new core isn’t really out yet I couldn’t test it on my PC but my PC is having Problems with emulating 3DS Games on Citra at a constant and decent framerate (i7-2600k and a GTX 760). This means that you should better have a decent PC at hand if you should decide to play 3DS Games on your PC. A bit later Retroarch also posted another picture of Retroarch running 3DS games.

Together with this new Citra core, many other cores have also been announced for the next Retroarch version. The new cores will be Dolphin, SameBoy, melonDS, PX-68K, Neko Project II and OpenLara. According to Retroarch, these cores will arrive earlier than the Citra core since there are still performance issues that need to be fixed on Linux.

I really like that Retroarch is getting all those new cores since this will make it a perfect All-in-One Emulation Hub for everyone who wants every Emulator at his fingertips. I’m curious how well the citra core will run but until then I’ll hope to get normal Citra running more decently on my PC Rig at first 🙂

Source: Patreon, Twitter

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