Weekly Jailbreak Tweak Roundup for iOS10

Weekly Jailbreak Tweak Roundup

Each week we intend on bringing you some of the weeks best new tweaks for those of you running a jailbroken phone on iOS10.  This doesn’t mean that the tweaks won’t be compatible for our brothers and sisters on lower firmware jailbreaks, it just means that will at least work on iOS10 and that will be our focal point for these weekly roundups.  Let’s begin!

Thumbtack (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

You know that thing, when you use the Notes app and you keep adding notes and notes and notes and more notes and it just keeps piling up?  And even more so, it doesn’t just pile up, it just always puts the most recent note at the top.  Apple doesn’t seem to realize that that doesn’t mean that the most recent note is the most important note.  They don’t even seem to realize that note organization is something that is useful and the common iPhone owner most likely needs.  Well now Thumbtack is here to save the day.  You can now pin your more important notes up top instead of having to scroll through every note you’ve ever made that you still have on your phone.

Horseshoe v2 (via BigBoss Repo/$2.50)

Up to this point, all of the customizational tweaks that have arisen in Cydia for configuring the Control Center have been great and all, but Horseshoe v2 changes the game a bit.  You will now not just have a fully customizable Control Center.  But you will also have the ability to configure it right from Control Center!  This beats out the back and forth option that used to exist where you’d find yourself having to pop into the Settings app and then scrolling down and choosing the tweak from the menu and then adjusting the options and then seeing how it appeared in Control Center.  Very nice!

GalaxyPulse (via antiquebeta.github.io Repo/Free)

Samsung Galaxy devices may or may not have their fare share of glamorous features, it’s debatable.  But, if you own an iPhone and feel envious of Galaxy users, now you can get a tiny bit closer to feeling like you own one with GalaxyPulse.  It doesn’t do much, just pays a bit of an homage to the pulsing that Galaxy devices do at the bottom of the screen when you’ve plugged in your power cord.

SmartCameraShutter (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

This tweak is quite deep.  You’ll probably have to actually download it and try it out because I’m just going to give you a generalized description.  At it’s core SmartCameraShutter lets you change how specific gestures and the shutter buttons act and react in the stock camera app.  So yeah, definitely give it a try because there may be a newer way of using your camera app that makes it less congested and more tolerable for you.

LaunchInSafeMode (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

On newer devices, your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for example, you have the 3D Touch functionality.  What LaunchInSafeMode brings to the table is yet another way of having a menu of useful presets on your phone.  This time the idea is simple, give the user an icon and when they use the 3D Touch function on it, it shows a further array of options.  This includes what they mentioned in the title of their tweak, Safe Mode.  Which is very useful if you installed a tweak that’s bugging things down and you need a logical way to access Cydia without your phone being choppy or unresponsive a lot.

SkinnySettings (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

This tweak is one for those of us who have a bogged down, really long and ugly Settings app.  It takes that Settings app and cleans it up quite a bit.  It does this by letting you adjust options like removing the dividers that are there for some reason, it lets you change the colors, it lets you use fullscreen mode.  Just loads of options (you may see in the right half of the picture, the left half of the picture is a settings menu with some of the options enabled).

Classic (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

The last tweak in our roundup for this week is called Classic.  It’s called that because it wants to take you back to a time when the notifications were simpler or just for those who are nostalgic for iOS of old.  There are obviously options where you can change everything to look like previous notification options from the past.  Or if you just want to change the way the banners function, but leave your notification window alone, you can do that too.  Go get it, try it out, have fun!

Honorable Mentions (Tweaks that are also great!)


Add many features to the Netflix iOS application.


Shows how much time until you need to reapply jailbreak, right on the Yalu icon on your homescreen.


Let your CarPlay run any app that you want!


Extensive enhancements to the Phone app.


Crossfade and hide your status bar!

If you’re on iOS 10.1.1 with an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and you want instructions on how to jailbreak, click here.

If you’re on iOS 10.2 with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you want instructions on how to jailbreak, click here.

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