Release: PSP Homebrew Browser for the PSVita by Arkanite

Just like the PSVita homebrew store this app needs HENkaku to help with installing PSP homebrew (HB) to run under Adrenaline (Hasn’t been tested with Ark on 3.60 because its requires access to both ux0:pspemu/ & ur0:pspemu/ directories). Now just like some of the old psp homebrew stores, this works the same way if you have used one before. You download the homebrew you want and it does the rest for you with installing it and removing it once it’s done. The only difference is this Homebrew Browser will only work on the Vita and not any of the PSP’s out there.Image

The way it works really reminds me of the PlayStop Network at one time they also had a homebrew store that worked on the PC or PSP, even the Vita at one time it would also download and install all your favorite emulators and homebrew.

Now I would just like to same thanks to Arkanite for share this with us on our forums.

PSP Homebrew Browser
v0.9 Beta
(PS Vita only)

Beta Release:
– Download and install PSP homebrew directly on your PS Vita.
– Download que, will handle downloads and installs for you while you’re browsing.
– Install to ux0 or ur0 pspemu directories.
– Background data retrieval for a smooth browsing experience.
– Preview galleries with homebrew information.
– Direct switching to Vita Homebrew Browser.


The PSPHBB database will contain more HB as they are tested. It is relatively small at the moment but i have the next 3 days off which i will be using to test HB and add entries. Expect quite a few additions over the weekend.
You can request the addition of Homebrew not currently in the database and not currently being tested by submitting a request to the git repository ‘Homebrew Request‘ section.

Storage Access:
PSPHBB requires access to both ux0:pspemu/ & ur0:pspemu/ directories for HB installation and as a result will require ‘Enable Unsafe Homebrew” to be marked under Settings -> HENkaku Settings.
Icon and preview images are retrieved asynchronously and stored under ux0:data/PSPHbBrowser/. Initial retrieval of these assets may be slow depending on your connection speed. Further loading of these assets will be super-duper turbo fast.img3

Feature requests:
If you would like to see any other features in the future, leave a Feature Request over on the git repository. Being a community application I am more than happy to take on reasonable features.

These are the features currently in development.
– PSP plugin category (download and installation of PSP plugins).
– Support for HB –> ARK installation.
– Homebrew Manager (remove, move or clone HB on ux0 & ur0).
– Launch Homebrew from HB preview galleries.
– Option to create a Vita bubble shortcut for selected HB (Adrenaline).
– Homebrew quick search.
– DB auto update for Retroarch nightlies.
– Download Que progress info.
– Install notifications.
– Gamepad control for PS Vita-TV.

If you like this application and would like to support application and database development, any donation is more than appreciated. Tweeting me a ‘high-five’ emoji is also considered a donation and will help heighten motivation. :thumbup:

Just let me download the damn application:
point taken.
PSP Homebrew Browser v0.9b


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  1. Dear Hackinformer,

    First and Foremost, Bravissimo! I cannot believe how the sytem of Ps vita has been developed and i am sure that more unbelievable things will come! I cant imagine for example how Nintendo 3ds could be in the Ps vita as long as the Sony’s Ps vita is touch screen! I hope that sometime will happens and i am sure that ps vita will be the best system of Sony! Grazie per qualsiasi! SALUTE!!

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