PSVIMGTOOLS frontend updated with a few new addons for FW3.65

This is a GUI Interface For Team Molecule / Yifanlu’s PSVIMGTools, is a tool that can be used to decrypt & extract PSVita Backup Files (.psvimg) Providing you knew the AID of the account that created the backup, this works on every firmware to this date, including FW3.65 and probably all future firmware. This will do all the work for you if you just add custom themes, the white list hax ver2, or Ark without you having to get into the app.db file to modify it. This makes it simple and easy to use.

” The only problem with Yifan’s initial release was it was a command-line only tool and also could be a pain in the ass even to some inexperienced users, so this I decided to make this GUI Frontend which will give you all the functions of psvimgtools + more with a GUI. My frontend is written in Python2.7 and supports win32, win64 and linux64 for linux you require libgcrypt11-dev to be installed (sudo apt-get install libgcrypt11-dev) also for everyone, qcma is required for this app to even run.

To design the GUI’s I used a tool called PAGE.”

Here’s a list of features I currently have:

  1. QCMA Integration. i have tried my best to make this integrate well with QCMA. For example, when you start the app for the first time it will automatically find your QCMA Backups Folder, and will Automatically find your accounts AID, and download CMA Key You can also trigger both of these process’es to occur manually.
  2. Quick Resign, Quickly Change the owner of a backup (Note: Only DRMFree Content will run on incorrect accounts!)
  3. Extract and Create Backup Files
  4. EasyInstallers, Enables you to easily install, Hidden Applications, ARK-2, VHBL Whitelist Hack, URICaller
  5. Account Manager, save multiple accounts AID, and KEY’s
  6. Reading Param.SFO File To display backup NAME instead of TITLE

This could be for a whole lot of reasons. but the two most common reasons I’ve seen is the following: you don’t have QCMA installed. if you do have QCMA installed, the SECOND most common reason: is that you have never connected your PSVita with QCMA before just plug in the USB Cable and wait for it to detect it, (you can also connect via WIFI)

Added Skype App Easy installer
Added PSM Runtime EasyInstaller
Added RemoveFeatured Easy installer (How can it be an installer if it removes something? It’s FOR CONSISTENCY DONT QUESTION IT K?)

Updated ARK Easy installer To now support ONEMENU! (and also now displays a message saying its patched on 3.65. so people don’t start posting issues on my github that has nothing to do with ark saying it doesn’t work.)

MacOS users can now run the program from src with ‘python’ (make sure you have the MAC Psvimgtools inside the folder. also requires bplistlib.) the only reason there’s no compiled version is that I don’t have a device running MacOS to compile it with.

Dependency’s: Qcma, libgcrypt11-dev (Only on Linux)


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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. You can use this to install PSM runtime on 3.65?

  2. Question is should we update to 3.65?

  3. I need help, every time I try to add VHBL there is nothing to add it to after I clicked my account I followed every video correctly and it doesn’t seem to work for me

  4. All links are dead.

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