Hyper Dragon Ball Z – CHAMP BUILD release!

A few years ago I ran across Hyper DBZ – EVO 2014 and wow is it a great game. This version of DBZ EVO 2014 was created by the guys over at mugenguild.com, it uses the M.U.G.E.N game engine. Since then there hasn’t been any big updates but today that all changes with the release Hyper Dragon Ball Z Champ Build.Hyper Dragon Ball Z

This new build contains updates and re-balances to all the existing characters and adds new characters as well as a couple of new stages and a more polished screen pack. This new build also comes with a brand new move list. Two of them actually! They are even working adding more, new charters to Hyper Dragon Ball Z later this year. 



North American server:

European server:

South American server:

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  1. the vita gets no love from mugen.
    idk why. since it does have the power

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