Status Update on the new PS4 Webkit Exploit


PS4 Webkit ExploitIf you follow us here on Hackinformer and love Sony hacks, then you’re already aware of the PS4 Linux hack that we reported on a few days ago.  If not, it’s right here waiting for you (believe me, it’s magical).  Well, now we have an update on the PS4 hacking front.

We reported that the Linux hack tops out at 1.76, meaning that anything above that firmware version is incapable of running the hack through the Linux distro that was released.  Now it would appear that hackers are still tirelessly working away at higher firmware hacks.  qwertyoruiop (of iOS jailbreak fame) for instance announced that he has successfully found an exploit for firmwares on 4.07 and below.

He has be working round the clock on updating the current WebKit exploit (found over on his site).  The exploit has evolved from originally being a POC into a full tool capable of providing a series of PS4 system calls for experienced hackers to view more of the internals of the systems files, but obviously only in usermode.  This is only within the 4.06 firmware currently.  If you’re feeling adventurous or have knowledge that would be useful and want to help, head over to his page.

He went on to state that he does indeed have more than just a userland exploit for the PS4.  He has access to a kernel exploit as well and should most definitely work all of the way up to the current (at the time of this article) firmware of 4.50.  He further explained that the reason for this is because it is a 0 day vulnerability.  See his tweet below.

It is worth noting that the WebKit the qwertyoriuop is using only works on firmware up to 4.07 and he himself is testing everything on his personal PS4 running the 4.06 firmware.  If you were on wanting to gain full access to the PS4, you would still need both the userland exploit as an entry point, such as the WebKit exploit mentioned above as well as a kernel exploit like what qwertyoruiop has access to.

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