3DS Firmware 11.3 Released! Fixes all currently known Kernel Exploits & Userland Exploits

Yep, its that time again, Nintendo has released a new Firmware 11.3 for the 3DS and this time it does not seem to be a simple Version change like previous updates. Nintendo seems to begin actively targeting the HomeBrew Launcher and trying to block it completely as well as fixing the popular DSiWare Downgrade and HardMod downgrade methods. Even many older CFWs have also been rendered useless but Luma3DS as well as other newer CFWs are fine both on emuNAND/sysNAND or with A9LH/without A9LH. Here is what Smealum had to say about the new update on Twitter

By now it has been confirmed that fasthax, as well as safehax, have been fixed by updating the Kernels and HardMod downgrades, as well as DSiWare downgrades, have been fixed by updating the anti-downgrade title listing to only allow 11.3+ Firms so that we can’t downgrade them to a hackable state anymore.3dserror329

Most people are probably also going to not like that Nintendo fixed the latest MenuHax exploit by Yellows8, he also states that this exploit was the last known inside the HomeMenu.

Last but not least many old CFWs like RXTools have been heavily affected by this update and are now nearly or completely broken so it is advised to either stay on 11.2 if continuing to use RXTools, Cakes, or other old CFWs (No Idea why someone would want that though since newer CFWs like Luma3DS have far better features) or change to new CFWs like Luma3DS and then safely update to 11.3. Also, Flash carts like the Sky3DS are still working just fine.

I’m curious what will happen next on the 3DS side but I’m also far more curious when we will be able to dump the bootrom and get all the Keys as well as SigHax 😀

Source: Smealum

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