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Nintendo really knows how to put you at the edge of your seat. Their hardware has everyone’s nostalgia at an all time high. Their early dominance in the 80’s has made them one of the most recognize faces of gaming. Like their other current ventures, this is another successful product people can’t keep their hands off of. The announcement and preorders of the NES mini is proof of that and just try to watch this trailer without getting chills down your back my friends.

I’m sure you have seen countless youtube videos and articles of the features of the NES Mini. You know that you can’t use your old cartridges or buy additional games. Various third party companies and mods are available for enhancing your NES experience. The downside to these options are the prices they are asking for are absolutely ridiculous. The asking price for 59.99USD is reasonable for 30 popular games. Recent developments will make your investment one of the cheapest solutions available. For those of you lucky enough to obtain a NES mini, be prepared to start having fun! After the announcement riddle made, people are extremely hyped about this device. However, people have demanded a more friendly method/tutorial of flashing their own legal backups to their brand new toys. I’m happy to announce after many people testing and showing positive results, the wait is finally over! Introducing HAKCHI2!!


Developer Cluster has released a very handy tool with a lot of features you will appreciate. Just simply download the application and unzip it. No need for installation and the only requirements to use Hakchi2 is the following : NES Mini ( booted in FEL mode), Windows 7+, .NET Framework 3.5 and USB connection with PC. Hakchi2 is loaded with some pretty kickass features and will also provide the needed USB driver.

V2.06 Change-log:

  • Kernel Dumping
  • Original Kernel Flashing
  • Custom Kernel Flashing!!! Yes Custom Kernel Support!!!!
  • Easy to add game selection
  • Game Setting Modifications such as – publisher, release date, etc.
  • Automatic online search for NES boxart
  • It can fix incorrect iNES headers using fceux database
  • You can hide 30 default games in one click
  • Automatic verification of supported mappers 0 (NROM),1 (MMC1), 2 (UxROM), 3 (CNROM), 4 (MMC3), 5 (MMC5), 7 (AxROM), 9 (MMC2) and 10 (MMC4)

At the moment people have been able to flash up to 64 legal backups with the included 30 Nintendo provided you. More testing is required to see what the maximum amount of games this NES can handle.  This certainly makes this the NES mini more desirable and more than likely Nintendo will make revisions of the unit to stop this development. So for those who obtained this device, enjoy it my friends. When a custom kernel is available, the possibilities with expand and improve compatibility support. For those you who who question the source of this project, its available via Github and has been confirmed to be safe to use. If your ready to get started customizing your NES mini, Hakchi2 is available here. Get N or Get Out!

Team Hackinformer signing out

source: GBATemp

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