Could regular USB connection finally come to the PSVita?

Since the PSVita was released we have all wished it would just connect to the PC or Mac without needing CMA to transfer games and apps. If you ever ran TN-V, VHBL, or ARK on your PSVita you know that we can only use FTP to transfer files to it or use QCMA and a PSP game save. Even with the release of Henkaku & taiHenkaku we are still stuck using FTP or QCMA to transfer games and other things to our Vita.

Now The Flow has tweeted about using USB with vitashell and if he really does have this working it will be an amazing step forward for the PSVita.

There is no word on a release or even if this is real but knowing The Flow he probably figured out a way to use a USB connection with Vitashell. We all know he’s taking a break from the Vita scene and will be back in February but he probably had some free time to mess with the Vita.

If this really happens for the PSVita it would solve the problem of using FTP just to transfer files to the Vita. We all know transferring files via FTP can take a long time to do especially with big files.

Update its real and coming this February.

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