Two new PSVita colors hit the market today

Here in the west, we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to different colored PSVita and since the release of the slim PSVita all we have is black. At least with the phat PSVita (1000 model) we had black or white to pick from but in Japan you have a wide verity of colors to pick from. Today PlayStation has announced two new colors for the PSVita, Sliver and Metallic Red.

Now these new PSVita come with FW 3.61, so no HENkaku but if you already own a PSVita with FW 3.60 you can get VHBL loaded on to it. By backing up the gamebase and then putting it on to your new PSVita, so you can at least have homebrew and emulators.

Thanks to my good friend @Nzaki0716  we can take a closer look at these new colors.

Metallic Red:



Pictures by @Nzaki0716 

The metallic red doesn’t look as vibrant compared to what you see in the video. With the metallic red we really don’t have any other stock colors to compare it to, like the sliver PSVita compared too the metal slime PSVita. The only other red PSVita you could compare it with to would be the cosmic red Phat PSVita (1000 model). In my opinion they are in a totally different ball park as the Phat colored PSVita are much nicer then the slim color models.

PSVita cosmic red 1000 modelpsvita-red-1000

Now lets take a look at the Sliver PSVita and compare it to the Metal Slime PSVita.




Pictures by @Nzaki0716 

The sliver doesn’t look that bad but when you compare it to the metal slime PSVita it look like a cheap toy paint job but the metal slime is a special made bundle for Dragon Quest builders and cost more then the sliver one.

Sliver PSVita on the left and Metal Slime PSVita on the right.


Pictures by @Nzaki0716 

So if you are in the market for a new PSVita and don’t care about what FW it’s on, then these just might be what you need. Now you will have to import these but that’s not a problem as you can get them from our partners at PlayAsia and use our coupon code to save a few bucks too. You can check out all the different colored PSVita here.playasia-coupon-code

PS Vita PlayStation Vita New Slim Model – PCH-2000 (Metallic Red) Price: US $219.99

PS Vita PlayStation Vita New Slim Model – PCH-2000 (Silver) Price: US $219.99

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  1. What Firmware do they come with?

  2. PSA now just these all new imports are at 3.61 for vitas so ppl are sol for buying new vitas except for old bundles @hackinformer

  3. hackinformer

    Your best bet is to hit up pawn shops if you are looking for certain FW as they will yet you check them out before you buy them unlike Gamestop.

  4. But why? Just kill this deadbeat console already Sony. Henkaku is the only thing offering any value to it.

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