Super Dungeon Bros. free at launch!!!

super dungeon bros

Greetings Earthlings! It seems that Wired Productions, an independent publisher, has confirmed that Super Dungeon Bros. will be free for Gold Members on Xbox One in November. I realize that while this is an awesome bit of news for Xbox One owners, PS4 and PC gamers have sort of been left out. Don’t fret… I have something for you as well.

super dungeon bros

It would seem that Super Dungeon Bros. will have one feature that I think everyone will find cool. Instead of only being able to play online with your buddies who have a PS4, on this adventure you have the option to also play with your friends who game on PC. That’s right, I said if you’re gaming on your PS4 you can co-op with a friend playing on PC. How sweet is that!

super dungeon bros

Super Dungeon Bros. looks like a really, really fun Indie. From what I can tell it’s reminiscent of Diablo 3, a shoot-em-up and maybe a dungeon crawler all rolled into one. The characters are colorful and witty, the gameplay looks super busy so you’ll have to be 100% focused and the co-op aspect will make this one a fun little game to pick up without a doubt. Watch the crossbow trailer below and let me know what you guys think!!! Thanks for reading and HAPPY GAMING!!!


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