3DS: Firmware 11.2 released, Patches nothing…

Yep Ninty is back at it again! They have updated the 3DS Firmware Version to 11.2 and it patches… NOTHING!!! After looking through the changed files I though they may have finally patched the DSiWare Downgrade method available since FW 11.0 since they updated the Native Firm and also updated some functions in Arm11 Kernel but nope nothing like that happened and people over at GBATemp already tried DSiWare Downgrade as well as Hardware Downgrading, updating a9lh, Gateway Emunand and also old school CFWs like RXTools and guess what everything still works perfectly.


Even the 11.1 Homebrew Launcher payloads all work on 11.2. This means it is safe to update with A9LH as long as you use a CFW with Firm Protection (Not Gateway Sysnand), update your emuNAND or just update your OFW 3DS and still be able to use the HBL payloads to use Homebrew. This update didn’t even break Gateways On-Screen Display which is pretty surprising. If you are using a nightly Luma Build and are getting “An error has occured: Failed to apply 1 Firm patch(es) Press any button to shutdown” then you will have to switch back to a Stable Build. Something in the new Firm messed up the Nightlys. So finally here is the official changelog of the 11.2 Update:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

If you want more in-depth knowledge about what got changed then you’re probably wanting to know this:


Actual code seems to have changed in Process9 .text.

New3DS arm9loader
The arm9loader wasn’t changed.

3 functions were updated.
The first one is the actual handler function for svcWaitSynchronizationN.
After incrementing the counter with ldrex/strex, the last two functions now load the counter with plain ldr and executes kernelpanic() when it’s zero.

The only updated FIRM module was loader.
Only one function was updated, the same function involved with codebin-physmem-randomization as the previous updates.
All added titles:

  • JPN/USA/EUR/CHNTWN Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • JPN/USA/EUR Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Well, let’s see if there will actually be something that’s has been patched by this release and if there is anything I will update this post but for now it seems all that this update does is change the number from 11.1 to 11.2 😉

Source: 3DBrew

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  1. I upgraded with my son’s old 3ds on custom firmware and now nothing launches and luma isnt working do i need to upgrade more files? I did the custom firmware in august.

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