Basehaxx has been updated and now work on 3DS FW11.1

With Nintendo latest FW update it blocked a lot of previous exploits but developers like plutoo & smealum have already updated their previous exploits Freakyhax and Ninjhax to work on FW11.xx. Now you can add basehaxx to the list as MrNbaYoh has just updated it to work on FW11.1. If you don’t know what basehaxx is, it’s a savegame homebrew exploit for the Pokemon ORAS games on 3DS.


  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire ver 1.0/1.4 with the ability to have a secret base
  • An access to the homebrew launcher
  • A 3DS firmware greater than or equal to 9.0.0, up to 11.0.0
  • Download: basehaxx for fw11.1
  • Mirror: basehaxx for FW11.1

How to install basehaxx

  1. Make sure you have a secret base and are able to rename your team.
  2. Download the latest version of the Homebrew Starter Kit:
  3. Download the latest version of the basehaxx_sploit_installer:
  4. Extract the starter kit at the root of the SD card used by the target console and copy the installer in the /3ds/ folder of the console used to install the exploit.
  5. (Recommended)Make some backups of your save file (using svdt for example).
  6. Run the homebrew launcher and launch the installer, select the firmware of the target console and follow the instructions.
  7. Then launch the game on the target console and try to rename your secret team name, the hax will be triggered and the in-game menu will appear.
  8. To launch the homebrew launcher, just select the 1st option.

You can find help with switching between O3DS and N3DS for this exploit here.


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