PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 updated to v2.1

PSVita DB Theme Installer 360, the PC tool to fully manage Custom Themes in your PSVita with firmware 3.60, just got a quick update following your feedback.
This new v2.1 is essentially a bugfix release, but it also introduce the much requested function to search, order and filter the Custom Themes list of the online repository:
The full detailed changelog is the following:

-Added new text strings with more details for the function of dumping the current official theme so that it can be more clear now
-Fixed a typo with the Italian translation
-Fixed a bug with the creation of temporary files for custom themes downloaded from the online repository
-Fixed a bug that did not delete on exit the temporary folder in which custom themes downloaded from the online repository were extracted
-Add a new function to filter the custom themes from the online repository
-Possibility of filtering based on three parameters (title, author and description) that can be enabled and disabled freely by the user
-Fixed a bug that when the user changed the sorting of the list of custom themes from the online repository then the program downloaded the wrong theme preview images
-Added a note that in case the program can not create a backup of the app.db file then it will invite the user to turn off the option if he want to proceed anyway
-Cleaned up the code from all the old, and now unused, text strings

If you did not know this program or you need more knowledge about it you can find more info and detailed “how to use” tutorials about its first two versions right here on Hackinformer: v1.0 and v2.0.

Download: PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 v2.1

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  1. Neato. The previous one for some reason didn’t work at all for me.

  2. Not working for me since version running win8.1.with java installed..also vitaorganizer not working.Java issue.

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