Bypass Vita memory card checks with by yifanlu

Well, the man that just can’t stop is giving us even more with! is a way to swap memory cards on two Vitas on different FW versions, the way it works is by making the id.dat file read only. So you won’t get that annoying need to update or format prompt, just to swap memory cards around.


Bypassing Version Check

The Vita will always write the current system version to the SVR field in the file. This means if you have two Vitas on different FW versions, and you put the memory card from the newer FW Vita into the older FW Vita, it will prompt you to update. To bypass this, you can make the id.dat file read only.

SceIoStat stat;
stat.st_mode = 0x00002004;
sceIoChstat("ux0:id.dat", &stat, 1);

This will make any attempt to write to id.dat fail including attempts to update the SVR field.

As a side effect, though, every time you boot the Vita, it will rebuild the database. So be aware of that if you have any mods there.

If you would like to try this you can go here and try it for yourself.

Now developer Smoke has put everything together for you in this homebrew called memcardswap.


  • Added crappy text menu
  • Added a new option to make id.dat read only (and another to restore write access)

Now you can swap your memory card from 3.60 to 3.61+ and back without formatting because the SVR field (system version) in doesn’t get updated

Download: memcardswap.vpk

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.



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  1. So if everytime it rebuilds the database does that mean it will effect the things in my memory card and make certain things dissapear? For example, the Vitamin folder or the Vitashell folder?

  2. no you shouldnt lose any folders but themes will need to be reinstalled

  3. galera tô com um problema terrível e gostaria d saber se alguém pode mim ajudar o meu cartão d 32gb começou da uma msg q [favor coloque o cartão d memoria] sendo q o cartão estava nele e de repente boom [formate o cartão d memoria] mas o problema n e isso quando tento formatar ele da esse erro[c4-10278-8] e agora já pesquisei se outras pessoas teve esse tipo d problema achei mas n tiveram sucesso

  4. so does this mean can use this to put game fro m 3.61 ps vita on the memory card from psn and transfer back to henkaku vita and play the games no issue. so dont have to play around wiht psn on the henkaku vita

  5. Does this mean I can use my mem card on my PS TV, and Vita seamlessly if so awesome I was getting tired of replacing id.dat with an empty text file each time I wanted to move the sd cart back

  6. I did the temporary option and put it from my ps vita in mine PS TV and i worked, when i put it back in my ps vita it wanted to format :(. Somebody know a solution for this.

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