HENkaku gets a minor update that lets you use the internal storage

Calling all HENkaku users, it seem we have a minor update from the awesome team molecule!!!This new update will help out a lot of the end users, that don’t have extra PSVita memory cards just laying around as there is no sight of them getting any cheaper. This is definitely some awesome news for those of you that use the systems internal storage, plus VitaShell also got updated as well.PSTV insides

  • Fixed issue where YouTube did not work
  • Added support for PSTV and Vita Slim internal storage
  • Updated to VitaShell 0.86

For this to work all you need to do is log in with the browser (not the email app) and it will install just like before.

If you are using the offline installer and wish to update HENkaku, you must first install HENkaku again using the online installer (this website).

Next, while still connected to the Internet, run the offline installer bubble (not the email app) and install the payload again.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.



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  1. could be awesome if it supported external storage, like using the USB port on PSTV

  2. Does the internal memory stack with whatever Vita card you’ve got in your system? Or is it still a binary thing; either one or the other?

    • it’s either one or the other you can’t use both at the same time ATM but with the clever dev’s out there you never know.

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