PS Vita: Vitamin Game Dumper by Team Freek Leaked

UPDATE: TheFlow managed to greatly increase compatibility with games. We advise you to wait for the next release to start dumping your games because it will probably save you a lot of time and testing. 😀

Yes you heard it right. Someone called OhhShitLeak leaked Team Freeks Game Dumper called Vitamin. This means we will see a lot more game dumps soon I guess. I wonder how Team Freek will react to this. As always we don’t condone piracy in any form. This is purely meant for backups of games you own. We are not responsible if you do something stupid with it.

EDIT: It has been now confirmed that Team Freek consisted of Major_Tom, TheFlow and Mr.Gas

How do I use it?
Download: Vitamin

Mirror : Vitamin
PSVita on FW 3.60 with HENkaku installed

1. Connect to your PSVita with FTP and copy vitamin-omega.vpk to ux0.
2. Install vitamin-omega.vpk on your PSVita
3. Close FTP and open Vitamin. It will show all installed games as well as Apps like Twitch
4. Press X on the game you want to dump. You can dump the full game as well as the patch files. To be able to play with your decrypted game with patch later you will have to also decrypt the patch file or it will not work.
5. Now choose what you want to dump.
6. Start the process by pressing cross. It will show you some information and prompt you to press x to open party. Do it and then without closing party go back to Vitamin. Then press X to start the Dump. (Depending on the Game size this can take over an hour to do)
7. When it dumped the game files it will switch between vitamin and the app you are dumping to decrypt the eboot.bin and finish the backup. When its done it will look like this.
8. You will find the dumped game in ux0:/Vitamin/YourDumpedGame.vpk and your patch as ux0:Vitamin/
9. Just delete your original game and install the VPK to test if it works correctly. To also test the Patch files just extract the files from the .zip archive and copy it to ux0:/patch/YourGameName/

Well so this is the starting shot to Piracy on the Vita ._.


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  1. Es demasiado hermoso, como amo esta pagina, los admiro muchachos :’)

  2. That just seems really rude to leak something that people were putting time and effort into for us.

  3. wow,is this for real?

  4. i cant believe this
    it realy works and its dumping my game
    thx team freeK

    • It works if you install a vpk from another person dumped game?

      • Yes the VPKs can be installed on any console but because of this being a leaked incomplete build some games will crash and not work with this. Thank the leakers

        • Maeby you are correct, but i read that there are more teams worknig in something similar and maeby them can make a better version or use this code to improve their work.

  5. Piracy has ssstarted , 08,29,16 a day to remember. glad i have my psvita 3.60.

  6. YA dumpeado el Fighing Climax (Usa), alguien podria pasarme el Fighting Climax Ignition(JAP), para dumpearlo, yo subo el juego en unos minutos mas 🙂

  7. I’m dumping P4G right now, so far everything works as it should!

  8. Error 0x80010002???

  9. This only works on digital downloads, not cart based?

  10. so basically, i can buy a used game from gameestop, copy/dump it, then return it for my money back within 7 days? Lol. thk me later ;>

  11. Im seling my ps vita games after dumping them

  12. I’m reading through some of these insincere, immature comments and I’m absolutely disgusted. A lot of time and effort was put into this tool, and some little shit 12 year old who thinks they’re cool leaked it early causing the team to literally drop the project altogether meaning we won’t see a completed build ever, and causing one of our best devs to leave the scene completely. Nobody seems to care at all. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

    • Because they’re spineless little bitches. Nothing of value was lost.

    • I completely Agree with you!

    • F those devs for keeping this secret for so long, I’m glad this is leaked. Let them leave the scene, other people will take over from here. Just as with the PS3 scene when so-called devs like this get passed and leave, we have other devs continue to work on stiff based the leaked keys/info.

      • “For so long” They had it for a month <3
        It took years to hack the Vita and you can't even wait this long?
        Grow up <3

  13. This is bad, the team working on this decided to stop working on it due to the leak, I’m sure another team will pick up the crumbs and claim credit but team freek was doing it for us and we dont know what other teams plan to do.

  14. Pure Chess error 0x80101144 after installing

  15. found the path “ux0:plugins/game.txt” in vitamine.
    plugins are real !!!

    • i just tried to dump quell memento but i got the error at the end. still it looks like the games been copied as its in the vitamen folder at half size (being that vpk is a type of zip file). does anyone know if digital copies work or not? as all of my games are. i want to copy street fighter cross tekken without alsmost everything unlocked but i dnt want to waste my time

  16. Accidently closed out while dumping. I just get a error 0x80010002. Didnt even create a vitamin folder with anything in it. Any ideas?

  17. From video

    ”PS+ games can’t be dumped!”

    Why? They have same rif’s as regral only with expiration date.

  18. I want to share some dumped games but vitamin has already been removed 🙁

  19. IIf i dumb demo of Uncharted Golden Abyss this I have full game?

  20. This mean i can dump vhbl too.

  21. red forum is the it!

  22. Any one have any game vpk plz link..

  23. Still get error when trying to dump ???

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  25. Like Gardenscapes I actually enjoy this game.

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