How to get the Package Installer to show up on your PSVita or PSTV with FW3.60

XYZZ just released this IDU setting for the PSVita and now that we have access to this, the package installer will work once again. Now if you don’t know about the IDU setting please read about it here as you will need to know how it work. Once you have everything setup on the PSVita and it now has the IDU setting (which you can find here), we can now add the package installer and it will work.

PSTV package installer1

First, you’re going to need to run HENkaku and then go to molecularshell, run the FTP. Then on your PC using FileZilla you are going to /ur0:/shell/db to get the app.db file.  PKG1

Now drag and drop the app.db file to your desktop and open with SqliteBrowser go to browse data tab, then pick table: tbl_appinfo_icon.


Once in there you are just going hit the new record button, it will go to the bottom and be blank, then fill it out. The pageid and pos are where your bubbles will be at on the liveare, make sure you do that right or the package installer will not appear on the livearea. PKG2


★Package Installer


Once you have it all done, just hit the write changes button and close SqliteBrowser. Bring up Filezilla again and transfer the app.db file back to  /ur0:/shell/db. Now restart your PSVita and the package installer will appear if you did it right.

You can find pkg files here for the package installer. If your PSVita is auto rebooting after 5mins when installing a package just do this.

  1. Turn off your Vita completely
  2. Connect the power cable -> the vita should start into DemoMode
  3. Deactivate the DemoMode by pressing and holding L + R + UP + START for 5 seconds
  4. Press the Power Button to standby your Vita and wait till the blue led is completely off
  5. Disconnect the cable and wake up your Vita

You should now be able to use it as long as you want just like a normal one.

Now for the PSTV, we have a big problem as we can’t use the USB port. The USB on the PSTV is just for basic stuff and not for transferring files via USB, but you can just use vita update blocker and Wifi mode in qcma.

Just turn on vita update blocker, go to the psn store and launch it you will see vita update blocker spoof the FW. So you can now talk to qcma on the pc, then launch the package installer to transfer packages, but with the IDU setting you shouldn’t need to do that but it’s a good precaution as always.


If you would like to block demo mode from auto updating you can make an OpenDNS account and add . But it will still update games and apps.  Thanks for the tip @ScarredTroll

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  1. IIRC the package installer could be used on a 3.20 PSTV via CMA (QCMA), is this no longer the case on 3.60?

  2. So if I use IDU mode on my PS Vita, can I use it as a daily driver like a normal vita? Will I be able to play my PSN games and other homebrews? And if I want to return back to stock firmware how can I do that?

  3. For those wanting an actual Package Installer icon instead of the blank bubble, use the real location at vs0:app/npxs10031/sce_sys/icon0.png for your iconpath.

  4. ohh… why dont you just install the pkg installer homebrew via ftp? and the pkg installer.exe on the Desktop its easier dude..

    • If you’re talking about “Package Installer 2.0”, it has nothing to do with this. Also it doesn’t work with .pkg (encrypted) files), only .pkgs (which are plain zips)

  5. is there a mistake or is it NPXS10031

  6. It`s not working