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Do you remember the SSX series? Now imagine its current gen, open world, more realistic version. That’s what Steep from Ubisoft is. Want to know more?steep-ncsa-og-image

What. A. Mountain. Seriously, it has to be Mount Everest. Actually, it’s the Alps. So, what will I do first? I’m too lazy to walk, paragliding and wingsuit are too unknown to me and I’ve always preferred skiing over snowboarding (Shaun White Snowboarding was an exception). So let’s do that. A challenge? Yeah, why not.
*5 minutes of suffering later*
Okay, perhaps I should’ve chosen an easier challenge. At least people next to me are more rolling in the snow than actually riding down the mountain too.

After a few more attempts, I’m finishing the easier races, getting some top 3 positions… Out of 4. It’s definitely the most realistic skiing I’ve ever played and the choice of difficulty matters. Time to move on to wingsuit flying.multi_action_sports2

While flying a wingsuit, it’s necessary to keep the left analog stick up all the time, otherwise, you start falling. Again, some races are more straightforward, some expect you to show some marvelous skills, which I don’t have yet. It’s a nice enrichment of the gameplay, but in a free roam doesn’t give you so much freedom as skies or snowboard.

Same goes for paragliding, though there’s even less space for variability and tricks during flight than in winds it’s case.

Finally, there’s snowboard. Like skies, it’s done brilliantly. Things you can do with it are same like skiing. Actually, all challenges available for skies can be done on a snowboard as well.maxresdefault

What I almost forgot to mention is that there are also snow parks where you can ride from one ramp to another and show off your capabilities. Also, some races are not about who finishes first, but who shows the most and the sickest tricks.

Steep amazed me from the first second I played it. The landscape is breathtaking and riding itself in a perfect balance between being realistic, challenging and enjoyable.

It is going to be released for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 this December.

“The mountain is yours to explore. So strap in, suit up, and drop in.”

Before I leave I want to thank my good friend @MrTheRiedl for asking me to try this game for him because otherwise it probably wouldn’t be so high on my to-play-on-Gamescom list. (And I played it more than once.) Here’s what he said: “Steep is obviously its [SSX’s] spiritual successor.”

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