PSVita: Useful apps & mod to use on HENkaku

There has been quite a few Apps & Homebrew released in the past few days and these apps can be qutie useful. Developer Smoke released a homebrew for HENkaku which will make swapping memory cards easier than ever. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Just a little thing I threw together a few days ago. I thought I’d release so others can use.
Simply run the app, it’ll quickly exit. Then power off your Vita and swap cards with another Vita or PSTV


He also released a modded version of MolecualrShell which has read access to every partition on the Vita. This could also be done before by typing the correct partition in FileZilla or any other FTP Client but this makes stuff much easier. MolecularShell Mod Download
Here’s how to install it:
1. Install FTPVita
. Open FTPVita and connect to it via FTP
3. Go to ux0:/app/MLCL00001/
4. Replace the eboot.bin with the one from Smokes MolecularShell Mod
5. Quit FTPVita and Start MolecularShell

And there you go. You now have the MolecularShell Mod installed and access to every partition. This will still not allow you to write to read only partitions like vs0 though.

KanadeEngel, has also made a useful app for all those paranoid people using HENkaku, it’s called History Deleter and it does just what it says.

Download: History Deleter

It’s great seeing so much new homebrew after the release of HENkaku and I hope that this will continue reviving the Vita 😀

Check out our forums as we have even more emulators and homebrew for HENkaku here.

Source: Github

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  1. What does that history deleter app do? Deletes internet browser history or something else?

  2. Any app or method to use PS3 Remote Play now with Henkaku?

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