PSVita: Sony pushes reminder message of terms of service in light of HENkaku.

We all know that with hacking any game or system there is a chance you could get banned as its part of the game. Now that HENkaku has been released for the PSVita & PSTV, Sony seem to be making sure everyone remembers their TOS as some people have been receiving messages/notifications.vitahenkaku

Here what it says..

disrupt, misuse, modify, adapt, translate, hack, crack, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any Product or part of any Product (or any equipment, system or infrastructure used in connection with the PSN) for any reason unless expressly permitted by applicable law; or (iii) create any derivative works, attempt to create the source code from the object code, or download a Product or any part of any Product for any purpose not authorised by us; or (iv) scrape, copy, reproduce, communicate to the public or transmit, use for public performance or exploit any Product or part of any Product including any information accessed via or in connection with the PSN; or (v) use or make available unauthorised hardware or software to access or interact with the PSN or its Products (including any cheat code or devices that circumvent security features or limitations); or (vi) bypass or attempt to bypass any user authentication system or security features unless expressly permitted by law;

Now there nothing new about this TOS as just seem a little more specific and a reminder of what we could lose. So for the most part if you are worried about your account with tons of games you might just want to be cautious about what you are doing and going online. As this could just be a small warning before the ban hammers come out. I would just play it safe and stay off line, buy a new vita, or use a whole new account if you are worried about anything. I been playing this cat and mouse game for over 4 or 5 year now and have not been banned but in light of the new exploit and having access to mod games, cheat, hack trophies, and whatever else could pop up the ban hammer could be coming soon like it did with the PS3.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Is it safe to use WI-FI? As long your signed out.

  2. Sony just needs to leave it as it is and do not patch the exploit since they basically stopped developing firstparty titles for Vita. Homebrew and CFW scene can greatly boost system’s popularity (hence PSP and 3DS)

  3. I have henkaku on my vita but nothing else yet. I could get banned if i have only installed henkaku?
    I only opened once just to see if it waa running good without any errors.
    I dont remember if i was online when i opened it,

    • In theory yes, in practice i doubt Sony will start banning everyone running HENkaku until it stays north of piracy

      • I agree, I think they are waiting for it to turn into the ps3 cfw did with people cheating online and so on, which there not that many good online vita games. Kind of silly really the easy way is just push a simple FW update like they alway do to us. Unless they just don’t care anymore or waiting for the new PS4 update.

        • If i change to another account, my primary account could be banned? I dont know maybe because of download history or somthing like that?

          Im a bit scare because i have many many ps plus games stored in my account and dont want to lose them

          Sorry my bad english is not good and thanks for the reply

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