First PSVita game mod by Major_Tom!

On his Twitter account, Major_Tom has just announced he found a way to bypass the PFS protection of PSVita games, bringing the PSVita hacking scene to a new chapter: games mods!

He released also a PoC (proof of concept) video on Youtube showing an example of a mod of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale:

Modding a game can be a very useful feature because thanks to games mod you’ll take advantage of unofficial translations, or original (JAP) audio in western versions, or for example editing some in-game sprites to remove censorship. But please note that this has nothing to do with piracy for now, since, as Major_Tom states, you still need to own the game to run a mod:

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  1. Great news, i hope more people keep finding new things so the vita scene can expand as much as possible 🙂

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