Open beta trials for PS4 FW4.0

PlayStation is once again asking if you like to be part of open beta testing. The last time I can recall they did this was around FW2.50 and we did get some cool feature but couldn’t use them since it wasn’t public. Also if you like remote play on other devices I recommend that you don’t sign up, to the open beta as you won’t be able to use that feature either. I learn this the hard way last time I sign up to the open beta.


“Please note that completing this enrollment form does not guarantee a place on this Beta Trial.

Invitations are at Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s (SIEA’s) discretion.  Unless you are selected, we will not contact you regarding this Beta Trial.  You must agree to the System Software Beta Agreement by answering “I AGREE” below to eligible to participate in the Beta Trial.  Beta Trial participants may be contacted to participate in a survey.

If you are selected, we will email you with a voucher code.  Keep an eye out for the official invitation email from [SIEA] so that you know when the Beta Trial has commenced!”

North America:…


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  1. Stupid, “we here at Sony, don’t feel like we should pay our credited beta testers, and we’re passing the savings onto you!”. For the low-low price of really messing your console up. If it was tested and working, there would be no need for betas like this. I’m sure Microsoft can afford to beta test an update, outside of retail units, and not effect consumers.