GateWay 3DS announced Time Machine App & A9LH Installer

GateWay 3DS

The Gateway team announces two new updates that will help all “current and future GateWay 3DS users” and this could also benefit the whole 3DS scene, so they say.

“First, the GateWay TimeMachine app can be launched via the homebrew channel, therefore, valid up to 10.7 or any future homebrew advancements. It is a free unrestricted tool that will have user verified region and device type files that greatly simplifies the a9 install process.

Next, exclusively for GW users,  the Gateway A9LH Installer is a highly integrated GW menu app, that auto detects system and state of install, considerably simplifying the install procedure especially for the N3DS. Once the A9LH Installer is complete the console will now boot automatically straight into GW menu within a few seconds after powerup.

They are currently in the hands of a few selected beta-testers. Please check your email today and later in the week if we contacted you for that matter (beta testing being in several steps, you might be contacted later this week). Expected release to the public is May 22nd.”

The one good thing is they keep it up to date and didn’t just let the GateWay 3DS die. I know a lot of people with this device and most of them still use it to this day. Plus for those of you who like to try the A9LH but a little worried that you could brick your system, this could be a very easy alternative for you. If you didn’t get an email but find them somewhere out on the net do not use them until the public release.

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  1. I have a Gateway too and it would be nice if a firmware that allows for unsigned .cia files to be installed and is Gateway enabled existed, for users with a Gateway cart. What’s the max capacity the Gateway can support and 3DS support?

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