Microsoft’s Overwatch Play Your Role Sweepstakes

Tracer from Overwatch

It seems like everywhere you look people are talking about Overwatch.  This game is getting a lot of hype and focus since the recent open betas available on all systems.  Microsoft is looking to take the hype up another notch.  If you go HERE, you can enter their sweepstakes for a bunch of swag.  Some are Overwatch related, some are XBL related.  Either way, it doesn’t hurt to enter.  After all, the more people that enter, the more prizes they will give away.

Let’s get into the good stuff:

  • 10k entries opens up Overwatch gear like jackets, shirts and backpacks
  • 20k adds the chance for a $25 gift card for XBL.
  • 50k unlocks some 12-Month Gold Subscriptions
  • 100k brings forth the Overwatch Custom Xbox One Controller
  • 150K gains some Tracer love with the Overwatch Tracer Statue
  • 200k for the Overwatch Custom Xbox One Console

The greatness of the prizes just continues to impress as the contest gains more entries!  As of this moment, there are 275,120 entries, which means that every tier is unlocked and you have a shot at EVERYTHING.  Let’s face it. We are a unique breed of people.  We love to collect, play and have bragging rights over our friends.  What’s a better way to start out your Overwatch career with a win of some this awesome gear?!?!  I mean, who wouldn’t want ANY of this gear?  Custom Xbox One or a Custom Controller? HELL YES!  The more people you tell, the more entries you can gain. Start spreading the Twitter and XBL love to net extra entries.  Take a few minutes and enter right now! (Make sure to sign up for Xbox Live rewards as well, because you get points for doing the things you already do like playing games and searching the interwebz)

What items would you love to win in this contest?  What do you feel is missing? (Hint:  I don’t see a copy of the game offered up anywhere as a prize)  Leave some Overwatch love below.


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