PSVita: To be or not to be.. How to get on VHBL on FW3.60

Wow, okay, let me see where to start..

After Vita firmware update 3.60 came out 2 weeks ago, patching the latest usermode exploit, there currently is nothing a user can do. However (and as mentioned several times already) previously installed hacks like themes, the VHBL bubble, and the PSTV whitelist hack still works!


More or less we silently thought what we could do to help those on 3.60 and quickly decided to start a service-thread in our private forums section as this is really the only way.

The idea here is as simple as that people will give us their PSN login credentials/CMA # or make a new account and we prepare a custom backup file ready to be restored for them. However, this takes time of course and after a couple successful tests and overall happy users and nice feedback we couldn’t save ourselves from all the request DMs that were flooding in!!


As we are currently stepping up our site as well as our forums (which we know aren’t that great as of now and thus not really visited) everything is currently under construction and we are pretty busy setting all up. So after asking for donations for this and not always getting them when people said they would, we figured it would be best as paid service for it. Since it involves so much time to do this.

Don’t get this wrong everyone having a lower firmware Vita +  PlayStation 3 can do this on their own but our work and our time need’s to be worth something right?! Of course, you can go and buy a second Vita, a PS3 and read yourself through the tutorials yourself but as it seems the majority doesn’t even want to do that and we couldn’t help everyone contacting us (even though all of this being in the private section!!).


Well, today scene police found out about that and of course it all ended in #twitterbeef because of this not being the right thing to do. Who of you followed this knows about the background here but you should know that we are not trying to sell other’s people’s work here but our effort put in creating this backup. We thought about it like this: Buying an exploit game isn’t much cheaper than this, too.

So in the end, we decided that it shouldn’t be up to us to decide. So please comment below and if the majority decides against this we are of course going to stop this service immediately. We are a trustworthy news site and just want the best for everyone. If this was one step too far in your eyes we apologize.

Thanks for reading

Note: It was so popular and everyone likes our service we kept it going. So we are still doing VHBL bubbles, the PSTV whiltelist hax, and custom themes. For anyone that wants it..

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  1. People are being butthurt; it’s a boring and tedious process to make the backup, so there should be reimbursement.

    • It’s even more tedious and difficult to code CFW, xploits and homebrew…but they are all free.

      Even getting an forum up-to-date is very time-consuming and you don’t get paid for that.

  2. Back at the PSP times, many forums had a Pandora thread for installing CFW between users, all for free.
    One user had an CFWd PSP, and offered his console to install CFW in other PSPs. This was totally selfless and the true spirit of scene.

    Making money with this…it’s not scene then. It’s business. Just the kind of business we used to criticize a lot back then.

    So, in my opinion…everyone’s free to do whatever he want, but it’s breaking the spirit of scene: Selfless work to help people.

  3. The only problem I have with all this is the hackinformer twitter posts that “look like” a way to everyone get cfw on 3.60 (by themselves, with a guide), but after you click the link, you have to register to see the content and THEN you learn that it’s a paid service. It’s kind of misleading, and I still fall for it sometimes.

  4. While the general idea of helping people get hax on 3.60 sounds noble, I have two problems:

    – paying to help install publicly available methods has never been cool in any scene. Even closed source/hardware hax such as carts and dongles are generally viewed as anti scene.

    – this method itself is borderline “unethical” in hacking scenes. This method basically allows you to give anyone your system backup by switching your license to theirs. You might as well be selling people roms.

    In short, I’m not sure I even think doing this for free is cool. I can appreciate trying to help out, but if that was really all you were trying to do it would be free.

    Just my two cents. I have a lot of respect for your site and past contributions, but just don’t agree with this one.

  5. I understand where everyone is coming from. Listen I use to do all these things myself. But you know what the problem is now? “I don’t have the time” so I don’t mind paying a lil something for someone else to do it. Its going to a greater cause. All the posts and things over the years from these sites I mean come give something back. Stop being selfish all the damn time. I’m very pleased with the service and if they end up stopping it that’s y’all lost. I will continue to offer a lil for some help. Who a real supporter……This Guy!!! Keep up the good work Hackinformer!!!!

  6. This is a trustworthy site. I hate it when people dont do background checks and talk stupid shit like this. Hackinformer is just trying to give people a chance of things like emulators and themes on fw 3.60. It might seem suspicious for someone needing someone’s elses account info, but it isnt. Make a new account and talk to them. Fuck this @cfwprophet guy, he doesnt know what he is talking about. Sorry for the rant, but this site is great and more people need to know about it.

  7. A little charge isn’t bad but come on, this doesn’t take an hour as I have done it myself and $80 is gouging IMO. $20-$25 for an hour of your time if it is all truly to “help the scene” seems OK but $80 seems like profiteering.

  8. While I can see this being a good service as I have done it for others by using the guides here Hackinformer posted I do find the price steep as I did just this for two mods at psx-place and took me 45min and $0 to do so.

    • That would have been $160 in no less then an hour’s time. I did other stuff as well using free PSP demos as base games for PSPFiler and VitaFTP Bubbles as well. I’m all for the service but maybe $20 a pop especially if you are getting the volume of request you say you are.

  9. hackinformer

    I do tell everyone they can do it them self and even show them the links to our guides for vhbl and what not then they make up their mind what they want to do. I mostly just do vhbl bubbles as thats all that anyone wants and I agree with the $80 to do everything if they wanted everything that could be done at once, new account, hind apps, add app like ps3 remote play, all the emulators working, whitelist hax, theme’s.. So I took it off.

  10. Stick with it. If people are too lazy to figure out how to do it themselves, then they can either not have it or pay for it. Same as anything else. Really pretty simple.

  11. I honestly don’t see problem here…

    People’s time is worth money.
    If they choose to give it away, great!
    If they choose to give it away and ask for a donation, great!
    If they ask you to pay for it, great!
    Sometimes you just want to pay someone else to cook you dinner, even if they use someone else’s publicly available recipe.

    Hackinformer did the service mentioned above and only asked that I make a donation to the site if I felt so inclined.
    I happily donated because I think the site is great and I enjoy all the content.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and my opinion is that hackinformer did noting wrong or unethical.

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