Easter egg found in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out 30yrs later.

Most of you probably have played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) but never knew that the developer left a small little Easter egg in it.  I play Mike Tyson’s Punch Out every so often as its one of those games that haunts me from my childhood as I only beat it one time and felt that it was by luck. In all the times I played this game I never noticed this little Easter egg in it but Youtuber midwesternhousewives notice something we all didn’t see or never paid attention too.

“Basically, everyone knows you can knock out Piston Honda and Bald Bull in one hit when they attack, but there’s an easter egg in the background of the game that indicates the exact moment. The easter egg isn’t the fact that you can knock these guys out with one hit, it’s the fact that the developers inserted something into the background to let you know when. Pretty cool.”

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  1. think about all the easter eggs that we missed in the modern games, I think they won’t be discovered until at least the 2030s

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