PSVita: The new FW update 3.60 and its not-features

It more or less became a normal thing that the announcement of a new PS4 firmware implies a new Vita update to be release as well. So, here it is: Vita Update 3.60!!


I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m not quite sure what I should write about right now as there ‘of course’ are no new official features and only shortly after taking a quick look on what has changed I can say.. less than nothing much. They still haven’t bothered patching Qwikrazor’s PBOOT bubbles so you can still enjoy the unrestricted VHBL, custom themes and the whitelist patch ver 1 & 2 on your PSTV. (if installed on an older firmware of course)

So for everyone on 3.57 who wants to play online can update without any concerns. (Never thought I would say this ever)

The only thing that big killjoy-Sony (of course) did was patching the Metal Gear Exploit that enabled VHBL for those of you who were not able to install any bubbles on earlier firmwares! So if this is your only way of running anything on your Vita you surely shouldn’t update then!

These are the new entries in the ePSP blacklist for 3.60 for everyone interested:
ULES01003 – Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + [EU] ULJM05261 – Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus [JP] ULES00645 – Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [EU] ULJM05193 – Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [JP]

And all thats left to say on a side(sad) note is that they really don’t care about the vita anymore and that the PS4 firmware update number will soon overtake the vita’s :/

Yup, thats it..

We also provide a service to help you get VHBL on 3.60FW here, you also have to be a member to see the post.

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  1. how to install vhbl on 3.57 us vita?

  2. I’m staying on 3.57. Otherwise I will miss out on the upcoming exploits.

  3. Just half-baked patches.

    I’m looking forward to see the PSVita wide open and running backups. I guess that is when will rejuvenate!

  4. Really wish I didn’t update to 3.57…I really hope there’s either a downgrade option or a way to access some of the more nicer exploits in the future.

  5. someone asked me for a guide for hacking a psvita because they are gonna buy one next week and is reallu interested in homebrewing it

  6. Hey guys I’ve been reading a lot on the forum, thanks fit all the information. I just bought a vita fit the purpose of doing emulation and unknowingly updated to 3.60 is there any exploit for this fw right now?? Abby hello would be much appreciated

    • hackinformer

      lol.. sorry but I heard that a lot and I mean a lot. If you did your homework first but which no one seems to do, you would have known not to update but its cool, I just heard every excuse out there.

      No at the moment there are no new exploits for 3.60FW but if you knew someone with lower FW you could get vhbl & custom themes on it. Read this

      Now I could even make a whole new account with all the goodies on it for 3.60FW users. If I was to put something up like or even do it for people that it would be on my forums in our members only section.

  7. I Bought mine just for this reason havent did my update yet to 5.60 but it is updated to 3.57 :/ not sure if that helps but if someone could help me out that be nice thanks

  8. Hello friends! I am newbie. I bought the console, and unknowingly upgraded to firmware 3.60. I bought the game Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus “(EU), and can not put on the Menu VHBL 3.57. Help me please install Menú VNBL at 3.60

  9. i just purchased a vita. it came stock with 3.60 on it. so now i guess we wait for FW hack for 3.60? I got the vita because of upcomming cartrage game releases coming out this year like attack on titan and one piece.

    but i ant to be able to play snes games on my ps vita another reason i got it thinking it would co0me with 3.53 ot whatever it comes with system wise.

    do you know of a time frame how long it takes for a company to come up with a hack for a new operating system? For dedicated sony fans like myself, we are willing to wait as long as it takes for one to be released

  10. My PSTV and Vita are both set to 3.52 and for PSN content I simply transfer them from my PS3 to my PSTV using the QCMA and Vita Update Blocker. For the most part it seems to work. However, a few nights ago I purchased Super Star Wars, Senran Kagura Estival Versus and Earth Defence Force 2 and transferred them to my PSTV. When I tried to open them, I got a message prompting me to update to 3.55. For obvious reasons I cancelled.

    Fortunately for me I already own a second PSTV, it’s still in the box. Never got round to setting it up. Most new releases seem to be compatible with the PSTV, but obviously blacklisted new releases requiring 3.55 or higher will still be an issue. The only way around those that I can think of is to buy a second Vita and have that KatsuKity video out mod installed. Needless to say, I’m not too keen on paying over $500 just for some blacklisted new releases!

    Is there any way to play these games other than using a second PSTV?

    • hackinformer

      Nope, you need a system on that FW or higher as the games require that FW to run. Also the PSTV is going out the window as Walmarts here in the US have them on sale for $20..

      • Well, I already have a second PSTV, so I’m good there. Do you know which new games require 3.55? Or are all the new games going to require it?

        • hackinformer

          Most of the new games that came out right before and after the system update 3.55FW will more then likely need FW3.55.

          Easy way to look it up is google the release dated of the game you want to play and if it’s a month passed the release of 3.55 then it’s more then likely going to need 3.55FW. Some games that are released in the same month won’t need 3.55FW especially physical release.

          • I usually check the Wikipedia list of Vita games. It has columns for release dates, physical availability and PSTV compatibility.

            What I found rather odd though was that Senran Kagura Estival Versus and Earth Defense Force 2 were released in Japan long before FW3.55. Obviously the Japanese versions would have used the older firmware. I just don’t understand why the PAL and NTSC versions would need 3.55. I mean there the exact same games, albeit with English translations.

  11. Hi guys, any update about 3.60 ofw hack? Unfortunately I bought with the newest one

  12. Thank you a lot

  13. Francis M Camballa

    Good Day, I have A Ps vita 3.55 firmware with hack Ark by with Game hack Mimanar Iyar Chronicle, And My i have ps4 firmware 3.55 i cannot remote play it said i must update my ps vita. Question: If i update my ps vita to 3.60 to play remote play. It will gone my exploited hack by Ark? Plz help . Plz reply tnx

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