PSVita: Updated OneMenu released with PS1 dumper & FTP included

Earlier today we put out a modified PS1 dumper on our forums, so you don’t have to move the PS1 game to ms0: as few people ran into some hiccups when trying to move the eboot file.  Well, today gdljjrod has released an updated version of this OneMenu that includes FTP mode and extract base_headers.bin from PS1 games. The only thing is this OneMenu is TN-V only as the dumper will not work with Ark or VHBL.


Most of you should be familiar with the OneMenu by now, but if you need some help installing it on TN-V here’s a link to our how to; OneMenu on TN-V or Ark.

Download: OneMenu with FTP & PS1 dumper

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  1. Just great!

    I’ll try this new method, but i have a question.

    This works only in TNV?

    I already have it installed.


  2. Have a problem.I copy all ONEMENU files in folder TNV_00000, rename VBOOT.PBP to RECOVERY.PBP, then transfer to PSvita. Use TN-V11 to run RECOVERY.PBP file. ONEMENU show up, but while scanning SAVE, have an error C1-2858-3
    Anyone know why?
    Thanks alot.

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