3DS: CtrBootmanager9 for Arm9LoaderHax

Most of us most likely know CtrBootManager from MenuHax. With CtrBootManager and MenuHax you had a Bootloader like a menu that could load all kinds of CFWs, Homebrews or the Homebrew Loader.ctrbootmangaer9

Now CtrBootManager got an update to be compatible with arm9loaderhax and boot CFWs or Homebrews that can be loaded with Arm9LoaderHax. Here is what Developer cpasjuste had to say about the release:

Here is CtrBootManager for arm9loaderhax !
This is a very early version, but it should/could be usefull… thanks for your reports. I will update this post later with more details…
You’ll need to have latest arm9loaderhax installed (with screen_init).
New configuration format : https://github.com/Cpasjuste/CtrBootManager/blob/a9lh/data/a9lh.cfg
Thanks to all people involved for theire work and/or help: @delebile, @mid-kid, @dark_samus3, @d0k3, bilis…

Download (The file can be found at the end of the post)

Thanks to @delebile, @mid-kid, @dark_samus3, @d0k3, bilis and cpasjuste for making CtrBootManager9 for Arm9LoaderHax 🙂

Source: GBATemp

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