3DS FW 10.7 now available and what to expect


Firmware 10.7 is now live and here’s everything you need to know about it! If you accidentally updated your sysNAND to 10.7, you actually still have options you can use, lucky you. I would recommend not updating your 3DS. Nintendo has made available the typical changelog with no groundbreaking features for you to enjoy. 3DBrew has made available the technical information if your curious and want to know.


Official 10.7 Changelog:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience


Detailed 10.7 Changelog:


  • Exactly the same changes as before, fpdver was changed from 4 to 5.
  • This new fpdver is not checked for yet server-side as of March 14, 2016.

Old3DS NFC-sysmodule

  • Only the Old3DS NFC-sysmodule was updated, not New3DS. The size of .text decreased by 0x8-bytes.
  • Only one function was updated. Instead of doing “u64_someval0 += u64_someval1 + u64_someval1 + u64_someval1”, this now uses a loop to do that addition 5 times.


  • No string-related changes, minus the usual version one.

eShop Application

  • The only string-related changes in the main codebin


3ds homebrew

I really hope most you took advantage of the second time having access to downgrading. Normally chances like this are usually short lived and give you a limited window of time to use. However,¬† it’s been confirmed¬† memchunkhax3 (whatever you want to call it) still works for downgrading and some changes to the modified sysUpdater might be needed. This will make your third chance to utilize downgrading your 3DS to FW 9.2!!!

Access to the homebrew launcher can still be achieved using the 10.6 payloads for NinjHAX, OOT3DSHAX and smashHAX. This important as you can’t use menuHAX and browserHAX anymore. I imagine prices will start to rise again for all three games as supplies start to run low. You need to be able to access the homebrew launcher to downgrade your 3DS system.


If you currently using the latest builds of Gateway CFW, RXTools with Pasta CFW and reiNAND CFW your fine to update. All online services are working and that includes access to the eShop. Spread the news and ensure everyone its ok to update your emuNAND to 10.7

3ds emuNAND 10.7

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  1. How does downgrading work on the technical side? If there’s a window you can update, then does that mean your 3DS needs to connect to Nintendo servers during the downgrade process? So if you bought a brand new 10.6 3DS, but we’re on 10.8 already and this version “fixes” all the hacks, then you can’t downgrade even if this 3DS hasn’t connected to the internet and is still on 10.6?

    • 8BitBang

      sysUpdater is basically a legit installer and flashes over your firmware piece by piece. Example: one cia file from the firmware pack is overwriting the browser app to the fw9.2 one. The vulnerability is giving you higher permissions to allow this process to happen. The internet connection does not affect the downgrading process in anyway. Its only required to use it because if your downgrade fails you brick. You would need to enter recovery mode and download the latest fw available from Nintendo’s servers currently and it will install. So internet connection is just for precautions

  2. Javier Monterroso

    What About Arm 9 loader hax with Aureinand ?

  3. I’m not sure why this article is recommending people to not update.

    The downgrader still works. The exploits that worked in 10.4-10.6 still work in. 10.7. There’s no real difference with 10.7 from an exploit perspective. EmuNANDs still work.

    This article has people worrying for no reason.

    • 8BitBang

      Fw 10.4 still has browserHAX to use and workarounds are trying to be implemented by yellow8s. This is important for people who want to use OOT3DHAX. Not to mention Nintendo announced a lower price for the game for 19.99. Try finding Cubic and Smash for that price

  4. I don’t suppose the eshop version of OoT 3DS can be used to gain homebrew access and such?

    • 8BitBang

      I’ve been able to do it but it requires a physical copy of the game (with the exploit already on it) and save data transfer tool from the eshop. So it’s really not helpful :/ Have you tried getting. Phsycial copy? Many retailers sell it as I was able to grab an additional one at walmart

      • I expected I would have to purchase a physical copy, but I just don’t have the cash to get it right now and the way my finances are at the moment it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to anytime soon. If I’m not mistaken all the other hax (browserhax, tubehax, etc.) have been patched, correct?

  5. I have FireWire 10.7 didn’t know you could hack the 3ds until reading a comment of miiverse. Is there any way to get home brew/free games on the 10.7 Firmware without ninjhax or a special cartridge like the n6? Is there a way to download the files/program on the computer and put them on the 3ds micro sd card? I also have super smash bros and saw there was a hack for that didn’t know if the works with 10.7. If so comment and leave a YouTube video tutorial if you can. Would really like to get free games. Thanks!

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