What you need to know about PSVita FW 3.57

The new 3.57FW update for the PSVita/PSTV just came out a few hours ago, here what you need to know about it real quick. First of all the pboot trick still works from Qwikrazor but TN-V or ARK will NOT WORK on 3.57FW as Sony just fixed the kexploit only not the pboot trick so custom bubbles still work on 3.57.wpid-20160119_205227.jpg

Next is those rebirth bubbles that you could do in FW3.52, when you could do the email hack but man they could be a bitch to do. I only have one of those bubbles which is a DBZ game and for me it stopped working but I really don’t know if all of them that people have done will stop working so for now, those don’t seem to be working.

My favorite of them all is custom themes, which a lot of you might have seen 🙂 Those are still working for me so that part of the PSVita they didn’t touch from what I can tell. wpid-20160119_210607.jpg

Thank you Yosp! We know you liked that Pacman one and that Christmas theme. lolwpid-20160119_210735.jpg

Now for the good news for people that updated by accident or whatever, VHBL pboot bubble still works! So you can still have all your favorite homebrew and emulators on the go. In my an opinion this is one of the best VHBL’s to have as it runs homebrew and emulators faster then ARK or TN-V.wpid-20160119_221731.jpg Here’s my theory for new users, all you need to do is swap out the TN-V or ARK pboot file from one of the exploits that injects the pboot into the game to turn it into a VHBL bubble like TN-V or ARK in 3.55. I would think most people that did the pboot trick back in 3.52 or 3.55 would have all three of them in there PSVita but like I said this is a theory and hasn’t been tested. You can check out the exploit games that can inject pboots into games for 3.52FW here and 3.55 here.

The PSTV hasn’t been tested yet, so I don’t know if the whitelist hack works on 3.57FW like it does for 3.55FW if you did it back in 3.52FW but if custom themes are still working there could be that chance they didn’t touch that at all either. If you tested the PSTV on 3.57FW lets us know in the comments below.

For now don’t update if you want to keep on playing psp backups on your PSVita or PSTV with TN-V or ARK, we will update you with more info about this update soon as we find anything else to report.

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  1. Do we really need to update the FW to use QCMA or CMA to upload files on vita?
    Or is there any way around this?
    I’m afraid to update my vita, I’m using the 3.55 exploit with Mimana Iyar Chronicle, I’m thinking of loosing it once i upgraded.

  2. While the white list is working on PSP and PS1 still as is Soul Sacrifice NON-Delta US cart so they all seem to be working just fine still.

  3. I’ve accidently updated mine to 3.57, so if I go in my tn-v folder and change the pboot file to VHBL using qcma, would it work?

  4. does vhbl run psp games??

  5. So.. Vita update blocker can be use right? wonder how long it will work…?

  6. Hi I bought from someone PS VITA SLIM PCH-2016 Adventure pack where Firmware 3.55. Is it possible to upload these to the ARK outside PSN? I also own the PS3 where I have CFW 4.76. I still have a question Vita I have 5 games on PSN like to be Uncharted etc. Da download the game to be over psnstuff.exe PS VITA games.A then that data to the PS3, and subsequently copied to Vita? Thank you so much.

  7. What about EUR (3.52)?Is there someone who knows whats will happen about the European 3.52 for the emulators?

  8. no sorry…3.55 (EUR)

  9. So….you mean that no hope?No future for the European of 3.55?

  10. Yes i read and i have confused…so…if you were me…what you would do about the 3.55 (EUR)?

  11. i just recently bought a ps vita 2nd hand and its already updated to 3.37… ive been playing final fantasy type 0 on my psp go. vita is was different. how can i play my iso and cso on the vita? PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. So if i already have an Ark bubble on 3.55 and update to 3.57 will that still work? or does it shut down already installed ark?

  13. for cfw 3.57 can be a solution in future?

  14. and can i downald game from gamepsvita/com white my ps vita cfw 3.57 ? plz help, thanks

  15. Yes!!!!!That’s it!!!I found it!!!!When it appears the vhbla nd says error,you have press Left or Right behind the buttoms.Right?

  16. I updated my PS Vita SLIM to 3.57 to get mimana Iyar chronicles to download into my vita. Does the exploit game still work in 3.57 for VHBL or did I screw myself over?

    • hackinformer

      dam! you should have never updated as I stated in the post nothing works on 3.57 but vhbl bubble but you had to do them back in FW 3.52 or 3.55 then update. Also, you can’t get mimana Iyar chronicles on the psvita store you need to use a ps3 to get it now as there no away for 3.55Fw to use the query trick.

      Now the only thing you can do is one; get a used vita with older FW, two; Have someone with older FW & a PS3 sign in with your account and make the VHBL bubble. Then back up the whole vita and then you use the backup image so you can have the vhbl bubble on 3.57. Three; Hope that someone finds a new exploit in the US for 3.57.

      • Well I got mimana Iyar chronicles from the website to upload to the vita, but my question is can I use the saved data trick at this point, or was that fixed for ofw version 3.57?

        • hackinformer

          About the game exploit, like I said you can’t get it on 3.55FW anymore as sony has fixed their servers once again. The exploit has been fixed like I said in the being of the post.
          “First of all the pboot trick still works from Qwikrazor but TN-V or ARK will NOT WORK on 3.57FW”
          So injecting the pboot via that game save wil not work either on 3.57FW you need a new game exploit to do this.

  17. Playstation TV fw 3.57 how to play all games

    • hackinformer

      Well, you can’t. You need to be on 3.52fw to do the email hack then update as the whitelist hack will still work on 3.57 once done.

      Now I thought about doing a service for people on higher FW but there’s a few hiccups with it, like one I need your account info to login and make a backup image of the pstv with all the hack it in from VHBL, custom themes, & the whitelist hack. So most people don’t to give that type of info away the other way I could do it is make a whole new account and backup image and if you are on 3.55FW then you need a PS3 to activate the account.

      • Mike Makenosense

        “Now I thought about doing a service for people on higher FW but there’s a few hiccups with it, like one I need your account info to login and make a backup image of the pstv with all the hack it in from VHBL, custom themes, & the whitelist hack. So most people don’t to give that type of info away the other way I could do it is make a whole new account and backup image and if you are on 3.55FW then you need a PS3 to activate the account”…

        …so, if i did get that right, basicaly you are sayin, that you would help a guy like me stuck on 3.57 out, by creating a backup image, that i can use on my 3.57 device? I don’t mind leavin my psn-account log-in to you – so if you are serious, feel free to contact me via e-Mail ….


  18. My pstv is on 3.2 fw. I’ve done the email trick and installed TN-V with no problem using the tutorial that requires no exploit game at all. http://hackinformer.com/PlayStationGuide/PSV/tutorials/how_to_install_tnv_bubble_without_exploitgame.html

    Now i want to update to a new fw like 3.52 or 3.55. My question is: following this tutorial
    will result in TN-V not working?

    There is two files to do the email trick, one for fw up to 3.36, the one that i used, and one file for fw up to 3.55. My doubt is: updating to 3.52fw a pstv that had a TN-V installed using the file for fw up to 3.36, will make TN-V to stop working?

    • hackinformer

      Just get everything ready for 3.52 before you update and just to let you know you will lose the ps1 exploit and ps1 custom bubbles don’t work on the pstv. Make sure you use the new pboot & game save files for 3.52 in our guide and thats it. http://hackinformer.com/PlayStationGuide/PSV/INFO_EPSP_BUBBLES.html

      • Hey thanks for the reply, but now I have A problem.
        I was trying to install Zen Pinbal 2, but it says that the application could not execute in my system or something like this. I use this trick to get acess to the Packager Installer: OPEN PKG INSTALLER, and installed a pkg of Zen Pinball 2. But now TN-V does not work, it just shows a black screen an returns to ps tv home screen. I searched and find not answer. So what should I do? Should I restore the ps tv, update to 3.52 and then make the TN-V install processes again?

        • hackinformer

          Yup something went wrong with the database when it tried to install Zen. So all you can do is rebuild the database and you may have to start from scratch again but most of the time with the pboot trick the bubble might come back with rebuld database and just redo the tnv gamesave but be ready just to redo tnv bubble and other tricks.

          • Thanks again for the reply. I had a backup of the psp game that tnv was injected, so i just erased the TN-V bubble, and the TN-V savegame, and copied the game and the savegame with qcma, and the game showed as TN-V, There as no need to make de email trick again.
            But i really wanted to play zen pinball in my pstv, so i update to 3.52 manually,and as expected zen pinball worked. But TN-V bubble did not. So i erased TN-V and did the email trick using the files to fw 3.52. TN-V bubble works now. The internet browser app now is much faster and i can play in the pstv the psvita games downloaded in my psvita at fw 3.57 as then requires newers fw.

            Thanks again for the attention, your PlayStation guide is perfect.

  19. So I got a pstv today, the thing auto updated before I could even do the whitelist hack or anything! I now have a pstv 3.57 and all I basically want is Netflix to work and PS3 remote play…I don’t need anything else but that, I’m not even worried about playing psvita games on it/emulators, Is this at all possible? I am hoping someone on here is able to help. Thanks in advance

    • hackinformer

      Return it and get another one, you won’t be able to do anything with that FW. One other thing Netflixs runs like crap on the PSTV and I mean crap.

      You can read this if you’re interested as I’ve helped people before. http://hackinformer.com/forum/thread-627.html

      • Thank you so much for this, I checked out the link in your reply there and it doesnt really make much sense to me, what would I have to do in order to get the whitelist now on my silly 3.57 Playstation TV? Is there some sort of step by step guide to doing this?
        Great site by the way, I find it the most informative for all of the other systems that I have!!

        • hackinformer

          Ok to get it on that PSTV with that FW, you either need to know someone with 3.52FW or lower to make you a backup of the whole PSTV with all the goodies in it.

          For example: I login into your account and setup my pstv with your account on 3.50. Then load it up with all the goodies from the whitelist hax to vhbl. Then make a backup of the whole PSTV then send it to you and you install it on your 3.57 via cma and bam that’s it, you’ll have everything on 3.57fw.

          • You are a legend dude,
            Let me see if I actually know anyone else in South Africa that has a Playstation TV that has older firmware on it, ill give this a shot and let you know if it all work out.
            Thank you so much for the help!

  20. I accidentally updated my PS Vita to version 3.57. So ARK and TN-V won’t work anymore. Is there any other way to play PSP games on the Vita? (besides actually buying the game from the PS store). I’d like to execute my old iso files on the Vita. Please help.

  21. Nope, that’s it 3.55FW was the last FW you could use TN-V or ARK on. All that left is vhbl but that don’t do psp games.

  22. Aright I have a ps tv straight out of box. I live in the US.It has 3.20 on it. My brother has a ps3 that I can use. What is the best option and method to play psp cso.

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