Yellow 8’s Wii U browser exploit wasn’t patched & works on 5.5.1FW

It happens all the time were things we don’t think work still do or missed announces something. Well that seem to be the case for Yellow8 Wii U browser exploit. This does happen a lot more than you think with exploits or just your everyday announces. Most of the time we or other just overlooked something or maybe a few things need to be changed so it would work.

Here is what the readme says about 5.5.1 supported system-versions for “browserhax_fright_tx3g_wiiu.php”:

Originally this exploit was thought to be fixed via doing manual code-RE(hence why it was released when it was). However, that was actually wrong due to misreading that code: this exploit works fine as-is on 5.5.1(no testing on 5.5.1 was done before release, only code-RE).

You can read more about Yellow 8’s browser exploit here

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