3DS: Gateway Ultra 3.6.2 Public Beta released

The Gateway Team seems to on a roll at the moment and is updating Gateway with new features and bug fixes and now released Gateway Ultra 3.6.2 Pubic Beta. It added a few new features to the In-Game Menu and fixed a few tiny bugs. For more information see the full Changelog below.

Full Changelog:

And we are back again with another update! Let’s see what’s new:
– Save edited and found cheats to microSD
– Choose custom in-game button activator
– Added warning in Reset search
– Fixed memory search freeze
– Fixed language switch bug
– Fixed long cheat description bug
– Fixed 16-bit conditional mask support, useful for 8bit conditionals
– Cheat finder exact search cancel support
– Cheat code type Exxxxxxx support (patch code)
– Cheat nested conditionals support
Now you can save the codes entered in the cheatcode editor back to microSD!
In the cheatcode editor, simply press START to save the current code list to a new cheat code.
Or, configure the cheatlist and press X to edit or press Y to remove the current highlighted cheat code.
From the hit list, you can now also press X to add the current hit as a code to the cheatcode editor.
These new features should make it a breeze to edit and save codes, all from within the 3DS! No PC needed!
That’s it for now! And as always Enjoy!

It’s nice to see that Gateway is still supporting their product and I’m really excited for the announced 10.3 Support and I hope they can also get 10.3 emuNAND on the New3DS running 😀


Source: Gateway

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