PS4 Jailbreak scene is getting more support & tools for homebrew development

A few months ago Bigboss released PS4link and PS4client, well today he has released an update to ps4link/ps4sh to work with the latest tools and resource on PS4dev.

There are quite a few thing on PS4dev and of course, made for dev’s but it’s nice to see the scene moving forward. Now one of the tools that may catch your attention it’s the Elf Loader (elfdr) anyone that has messed around with UVloader (rejuvenate) knows that’s these are what the Vita homebrew files are. Also, most of these tools were just update 3 or 4 days ago, so here is a quick rundown of the tools and resource on PS4dev GitHub.


Runs 64-bit Elf files in-process on Linux, FreeBSD and the PS4


Generates libps4 through std (C and Posix) and SCE module headers


Libc, POSIX and SCE module library for the PS4


Most recent PS4 symbols by firmware for analysis and convenience


Examples and prove of concepts which show something realized with libps4 (not necessarily unique to the PS4 – in fact prove of POSIX parts or failures are quite welcome)


Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4


Reverse engineered community maintained SCE headers. Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4


Read-only freebsd libc and POSIX headers. Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4

If this continues and more people start to help, we might see Linux or other homebrew for the PS4 sooner than we ever thought. You can check out PS4link here, PS4dev here and PS4 Linux here.



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