3DS: Gateway Ultra 3.6 Public Beta Released

Ready for a Christmas Gateway releases with version 3.6 and added  ingame menu that allows cheats for both CIA and 3DS formats, searching for cheats, dumping RAM and features a Hex Editor so that you can change in game values like money or lives by yourself 🙂
There are also many more fixes and things added that you can read about in the full changelog 🙂


Full Changelog:


Merry Christmas Y’all! Team GATEWAY is back with a nice update for our loyal userbase to enjoy!
Today we present GATEWAY ULTRA v3.6! Read on for more info on the new functionality..
But lets start with the full featurelist:
* Added in-game menu!
– Configure cheats (supports CIA and 3DS formats)
– Search for cheats
– RAM dumper
– Hex editor
* Improved game selection menu!
– Switch game language instantly
– Switch between classic mode and Gateway mode instantly
– Handy SYSNAND/EMUNAND indicator
– Smooth and fluid movements
* Improved cheats!
– More memory (x4!)
– Repeat code Cxxxxxxx fixed
In our last release we gave you a taste of our new cheat engine, today we take it a step further by
putting cheat hacking capabilities in YOUR hands! We’ve added a way of overriding the language auto
detection for games which has been requested a lot! We also got a request to increase the available cheat space,
so we quadrupled it! This should give plenty of space!
You can press the UP key in the game selection menu to get a list of options which allow you to
set the mode and language as well as the activator key you want to use for our brand new in-game menu!
The in-game cheatmenu offers all kinds of exciting functionalities for cheaters and aspiring
hackers. There’s a classic “cheat search” which allows you to scan for 8, 16, 32 bit
values (both signed and unsigned) and lets you select various conditions (greater than, less than,
equal, exact value, etc.) to narrow the number of possible memory locations. Like magic, within
minutes you will be able to find the memory address that holds the player’s lifes and directly
edit the memory from the in-game cheat menu! If that’s not enough, advanced cheat hackers can directly
enter the hex editor and hack away at writable memory regions at will.
Furthermore you can create RAM dumps to the microSD card in the Gateway Red card if you plan to do analysis of these on your computer rather than use our cheat finder.

The format for the dumps files is as follows:
* 32 bit header with number of memory mappings (mapcount)
* mapping info objects [int vaddr, int paddr, int size] (12byte per entry)
* data for each mapping, stored consecutively
Note that most of the ingame functionality requires the Gateway Red card and a microSD with some writable space available
for temporary memory storage.
As always, enjoy! There’s still much more to come! Support the true innovators!

I’m pretty thrilled about the cheatmenu and guessing that it won’t take long for CFWs like RXTools, ReiNand, CakesFW and others to have a cheat menu soon too 🙂


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