L2/R2 button grips for the Original PS Vita (1000) available this December!

While some players have become adept at using the rear touch pad, and some games such as Destiny have custom mapping features in game for the sake of Remote Play, in general, most gamers would much prefer to utilize traditional triggers.l2r2-button-grip-cover-for-playstation-vita-1000-black-443969.1

Up until now that has only been an option for PS Vita Slim owners, but Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries announced the release of the L2/R2 button grips for the original PS Vita (1000). By simply snapping it on your PS Vita, you’ll be able to “touch” the rear pad by using the mechanism attached to respective L2/R2 triggers!l2 & r2 grips psvita 1000

L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for Playstation Vita 1000 (Black) (PlayStation Vita, JPN)
US$ 29.99


Owning a PSVita Slim? Joetsu Electronic Industries have already released an L2/R2 grip for you!~

L2/R2 Button Grip Cover (Black) (PlayStation®Vita Slim, JPN)
US$ 49.99
L2/R2 Button Grip Cover (White) (PlayStation®Vita Slim, JPN)
US$ 39.99

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  1. Is there any word on any new Vita hacks? I don’t want to downplay how amazing Rejuvenate is, but the daily license renewal is the only thing keeping me from using it.

  2. I would tn-x on ps vita 3.36 to use this pbject.