Microsoft’s Game Changing Tactics

It’s been 2 years since the launch of Xbox One and the Playstation 4. They both are much more successful than their predecessors, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 respectively.xbox1
While Sony had a spectacular launch making and breaking records, Microsoft was lacking way behind, perhaps due to it’s not so great announcement at E3 2013. They included DRMs, Only online play and many things that disappointed the fans, meanwhile Sony was rocking with their neat UI, exclusives, features, major improvements to PSN and other exciting things.
Sony has been leading this generation of gaming with a huge gap, but it seems, though, Microsoft is catching up and it’s catch up rate is increasing as we’re nearing the holiday season, let’s take a look at some of the factors that are helping Microsoft with its comeback.

1) Backwards Compatibility Xbox-One-backward-compatibility

One of the main and biggest factors that is helping Microsoft heal its injury according to me is the introduction of backwards compatibility. Many of Xbox 360 owners are yet to make the switch while backwards compatibility is helping lots of them make their switch.

2) Windows 10 Update

wind10 update

Xbox One’s Windows 10 update has been quite hyped up because not only does it come with a neater UI, but it comes with more features such as, faster performance, backwards compatible (as far as I’m aware it was introduced with the W10 update.), streaming games to your Windows 10 and much more behind the scenes improvements, and according to me this was very important for the Xbox One.

3) Great Discounts and Value for Money Bundles
xbox1 discounts

Microsoft’s giving Xbox One multiple discounts and bundles that are extremely irresistible.
This strategy is due to the holidays seasons that are coming packed with deals for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and our one and only, Christmas!

I’m excited to see the future of this generation, let me know your opinions below..

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  1. Rock on Microsoft! Keep pushing Sony to give us better stuff!!!!

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